Samsung tv apps not working

Samsung tv apps not working. Samsung is the most popular tv brand in the market due to its best features and display. The best thing about Samsung tvs is you can use different social apps and live platforms by connecting your tv with a WiFi internet connection.

But, sometimes, you feel trouble streaming apps on your Samsung smart tv. If your Samsung tv apps are not working, then don’t worry because it happens with many users due to some software glitches and internet problems.

Slow internet is the main reason if any apps stop working on a smart device. In the same way, keep clearing the cache data from the tv memory storage is very necessary because if you do not clear the previous data and the tv storage is full, then the tv apps will stop working due to no more storage to accumulate new data.

This full article will explain all the tips to correct this problem.

Samsung tv apps not working

Samsung tvs are best to have in-home because you can connect them to the internet to use different apps like youtube, Netflix, and many more.

If the apps are not working on your tv, power cycle your Samsung tv, reboot the internet modem, remove extra devices from the internet, clear cache data, and uninstall the useless apps. Let’s talk in detail about each point without any delay.

Power cycle your Samsung tv

power cycle your samsung tv

When you experience any technical issue with your smart device, then a power cycle or cold reboot is the best bet to start the troubleshooting.

Power cycling the tv means powering off your tv, detaching the cord from the acceptable for a few seconds, and re-inserting the cord to power on your tv.

Rebooting or power cycling the tv refreshes the device’s glitches and bugs. If your tv is crashing or your tv has problems loading apps, then always try to reboot the tv.

Check your internet connection

Samsung apps need a strong WiFi internet connection to open and work, so you need to have a minimum of 5mbps internet speed to use apps on tv.

Using an ethernet cable is the best choice for using social apps on tv because it does not make any physical interference.

When you connect the tv to the router via WiFi signals, then it decreases the speed due to physical interference of walls, doors, and other smart devices in the home.

Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

Too many devices

If you have a fast internet connection, then it does not matter to connect more devices with one router, but if you do not have a fast internet package, then connecting too many devices with one router will always decrease the signal speed.

So, it’s up to you if you have more smartphones and other smart devices in the home, then improve your internet speed; otherwise, disconnect the extra devices to use social apps on your smart tv.

Modem location

modem location

The position of the modem matters a lot in the working of Samsung apps.

If your router is placed in one corner of the house and Samsung tv is fixed in the other corner, then it will not receive the strong WiFi signals.

Hence, the social apps will not work smoothly on your smart tv due to slow signal strength. So, your best bet is to move the router close to the tv or connect an ethernet cable to link the internet with your tv.

All the Samsung apps will start working properly without any buffering when the TV receives fast internet speed.

Compatibility issue

If any social app is not working on your smart tv, then it may not work successfully on your Samsung smart tv.

Some apps work only on some devices, so if you are having problems downloading an app or it is crashing again, then it means this app is not compatible with your Samsung tv.

Samsung tv loses sound intermittently

Update the app

If a specific app is repeatedly crashing and other social apps are working smoothly, then it means the app needs to update to the latest version.

So, open the Samsung play store and update the app.

Clear cache memory

If an app is not working on your Samsung tv, then clear the cache memory and uninstall the app from the apps play store.

Reboot your smart tv and download the app again to test if it is working or is still crashing on your tv. If you don’t know the steps to clear the cache memory from your Samsung tv, then follow these simple steps.

  • Pin the Home button on the tv remote.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Click Support.
  • Select Clear Cache.

Update Your Samsung TV’s firmware

Some people do not give much importance to updating messages. Therefore, different technical issues occur with Samsung tvs.

If you have downloaded extra smart apps on your smart tv, then it’s also necessary to update your tv’s software constantly to avoid different problems like tv freezing, black screen, sound delay, and apps not working.

Updating your Samsung tv is not challenging because you can simply do it from tv settings.

Change location settings

change location settings

Location matters greatly when you stream live platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon prime video, etc.

If only some apps or platforms are not working on your tv and other apps are working nicely, then change your current location from the menu settings.

Choose any other country name below “Internet Service Location” and wait for the apps to load again.

Reset the Smart Hub

If the Samsung apps are still not working after applying all the above tips, then resetting the smart hub is the last option.

Resetting the smart hub is always your last option because it deletes all the data, accounts, and apps downloaded on TV.

You will have to download and install the apps on TV again, so make sure you remember all the account’s email ids and passwords.

Follow the instructions below.

  • Leave Smart Hub.
  • Choose Menu Settings
  • Click Smart Hub.
  • Navigate to Smart Hub Reset.
  • Enter your PIN Password. If you do not have to change the password, then the default password is 0000.

Your Samsung tv will completely reset, and all the data will clear now. Open the Smart Hub and download and reinstall the app and wait for the process to finish.


The last words in this article are if you have Samsung smart tv in your home and use different Samsung apps, the most important thing is to have a fast internet connection at home.

If your Samsung apps are not working, then follow all the steps in this article because I have almost mentioned all the ways to fix this problem.