Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar. The soundbar is a device connected to smart tvs for high-quality sound. It is very easy to fix the soundbar with Samsung tv in different ways to enjoy the movie with magnificent sound quality.

There are several ways to connect the sound bar, HDMI cables, optical wire, and Bluetooth. The best sound quality is gained through HDMI cables because these transfer the sound digitally.

However, if your Samsung tv is not recognizing the soundbar device and then don’t get panic and check the HDMI cables if you have connected your Samsung tv with HDMI cables.

If you have connected the sound bar device via Bluetooth connection, then make sure the Bluetooth is turned on, and the device is placed close to the tv.

Keep reading the steps this article explains to connect the sound bar device to your Samsung tv.

Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

If you love watching movies, then you must know the best sound quality is enjoyed on a soundbar device.

If your Samsung does not recognize the soundbar, then its troubleshooting depends on how you connect it to the TV.

Suppose you have connected both devices via Bluetooth connection. In that case, first of all, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your Samsung smart tv.

Then make sure your Samsung tv is compatible with the sound bar because, in old Samsung tv models, there is no Bluetooth option to connect with the soundbar.

So, read all the points in this article to fix your problem. There are two easy ways to connect the Samsung tv with a soundbar.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Through HDMI cables

Bluetooth connectionbluetooth connection

First of all, I will discuss all the possible causes why the soundbar is not connecting with Samsung tv through Bluetooth connection

1. Ensure the Bluetooth is turned on

If you have connected the sound bar device with a Samsung tv through Bluetooth connection and the tv is currently not recognizing the sound bar, then, first of all, check whether the Bluetooth connection is turned on or not.

Sometimes, you don’t know, and somebody turns off the Bluetooth option in the home, and you keep trying to connect the soundbar through Bluetooth.

So, open your tv menu settings and navigate to the Bluetooth option to check if it is turned on or not.

If the Bluetooth is turned off, then turn it off. The samsung bar will immediately recognize the sound bar, and sound will starts coming from the device when you play any media content on your tv.

2. Compatibility

The second main reason behind samsung smart tv does not recognize the soundbar is your samsung tv is an old model.

Old tv models are not compatible with Samsung tvs because they have no Bluetooth option.

Bluetooth function is only available in the latest samsung tv models, so ensure your tv is compatible with the sound bar through Bluetooth connection or not.

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3. Sound connection is turned off

If the soundbar is not connecting with the samsung tv, then check if the tv sound connection is turned off or it is turned on.

Follow these steps for tv turning on the Samsung tv sound connection.
  • Go to menu settings in your tv
  • Navigate to sound
  • Select Speaker settings
  • Click Tv sound connect
  • Click Add New Device
  • Wait for a few moments until the connection is set

4. Distance

There is a specific range between the Samsung tv that can recognize the soundbar device. Keep the device close to the tv for awesome sound quality.

If you place the device at a distance from the tv, then other radio signals in the room will disturb the signal transmission between these two devices, and it will become difficult for the tv to recognize the soundbar.

Connection through HDMI cablesconnection through hdmi cables

The best way to make a connection between a Samsung tv and a soundbar is HDMI cables because the sound is transmitted in the best quality through these HDMI cables from the tv to the soundbar.

If you have an HDMI cable connection between two devices, then there are very rare chance of anything going bad.

If there is an issue with the HDMI cable connection, then read these points.

Check HDMI port

If the samsung tv is not recognizing the soundbar, then, first of all, check whether the HDMI port is working or not. If the HDMI port is damaged, then the HDMI cable will not connect, obviously.

It would help if you connected the HDMI cable to the correct ports in both devices. Suppose you connect the cable in the right port in the soundbar but do not insert the cable in the correct port in the Samsung tv.

Then the sound will not transmit to the soundbar from the tv. So, make sure you have inserted the HDMI cable in the correct ports in both devices.

If there is no issue with the cable connection and cables are not loose in ports, then you can connect the sound bar with other devices to ensure the HDMI port is in working condition or it is damaged.

If the other device also does not recognize the soundbar, then the soundbar port is faulty, and hire a professional to replace the damaged port in the soundbar.

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Check HDMI cables

It’s necessary to take special care of HDMI cables because if you leave them twisted or tangled, then these wires are damaged or broken and do not transmit the sound signals to the soundbar from Samsung tv.

Check the HDMI cables and try to connect them to other devices to test wheater they are working or not.

If the wires do not connect with other devices, then they are unfortunately frayed up, and you need to replace them with new HDMI cables.


The last thought on this article is if you have teh soundbar device to connect with a Samsung tv for awesome sound quality, then it’s very annoying to see the Samsung not recognizing the soundbar due to unknown reasons.

I covered all the possible causes of why this issue happens, so follow the points if you have connected the devices through HDMI cables or Bluetooth connection.

Contact with local tv repair shop if the issue still persists because it could be hardware issues with devices.