Airplay not working on samsung tv

Airplay not working on Samsung tv. Airplay is the advanced technology that facilitates you to upload video, audio from your iPad wirelessly and iPhone to your Samsung T.V.

When plugs the TV into the router with a cord, Airplay starts working.

In the case of Airplay, Samsung T.V. is not working, so realize the problem is not about T.V. It can be an issue related to network, device failure, or an internet protocol problem.

Firstly, take the initiative to update your T.V. with advanced firmware and develop a complete understanding of the Airplay.  It is also necessary to refresh the smart devices and connect the T.V. and the Wi-Fi.

Then decided to reset the router position through remove it for a few minutes. Then again, fix the router through proper strategy, refresh all programs, and interconnect all devices.

Through Airplay, Samsung owners make sure to upload unlimited material from their devices to the T.V. screen. The wrong configuration in the Samsung T.V. Properly checks the I.P. address.

Keep trying to restart all the devices. Make sure that no VPN on the devices like Apple or routers is creating problems. Evaluation no network application is creating the problem.

Make sure that both the IOS device and Samsung Tv are interconnected with the same connection. Mac and I-phone both devices face the same problem; they stopped working.

Airplay not working on Samsung tvreasons airplay not working on samsung tv

These are the various reasons Airplay is not working on Samsung T.V. from Mac, which are concerning as turning to your Samsung T.V.

Develop the complete understanding that the power is working and look at the screen once you take the initiative to start Airplay.

If Airplay on Samsung TV is not working, evaluate the black screen properly, search out the appropriate solution, and put the things back in proper order.

Samsung TV Airplay Audio Sound Not Workingsamsung tv airplay audio sound not working

If your audio sound is still not functioning while you are utilizing Airplay, the reason behind it is that your smart device is muted. Check the proper voice functioning of the audio.

Properly check the sound mirror is on, and you also check not to use the off device.

Also, make sure that the mute key has not been turned on and increase the volume on the keyboard.

Samsung TV Airplay is continuously Disconnecting

The basic issue of disconnecting is determining the Wi-Fi connection. It can also be the issue of again and again disconnections. If this problem continuously exists, then move the router near to the T.V.

If you confirm the strength of signals properly, but if you have some difficulty, then again, put your effort into resetting the router.

Below are the solutions for Airplay not working on Samsung T.V.


Here are some basic problems causing Airplay not to work on the Samsung T.V. It also takes some time to manage.

  • Wi-Fi is creating a lot of issues during the connection.
  • I-phone and MacBook software are not updated.
  • The difficulty arises at the start of the Airplay device and Apple T.V.
  • Wi-Fi routers are not properly up to date.
  • A.C. is not completely shut down.


  • Its need not prefer to work with third-party app basic problems. We have a simple general solution to save assessment.
  • Restart and again connect your Samsung T.V. to the same WIFI network.
  • Firstly, evaluate properly that your device supports properly to Airplay in the first place.
  • Again, start the internet device.
  • Also, properly check the devices are near to each other.
  • Evaluate the device care system on a day-to-day basis.
  • Take the initiative to recognize the Samsung set properly.

How do I fix the Airplay problems with your Apple devices?how do i fix the airplay problems with your apple devicee

  • Firstly, check out that Apple devices and airplay devices are working on the same internet connection.
  • Properly evaluate whether the airplay device is functioning properly.
  • Again and again, check the Wi-Fi connection properly.
  • Refresh the Wi-Fi for utilization purposes.


Now conclusion to this problem of Airplay not working on Samsung T.V. Reddit is that it can be resolved using easier fixes at your home. Make sure to turn off the T.V. Bluetooth properly.

Evaluate properly that both of the devices have the latest features and updates. Continuously focus on checking the airplay setting and restrictions.

Airplay not working on Samsung tv

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