Samsung refrigerator display blinking

Samsung refrigerator display blinking. The immediate blinking of the refrigerator can startle you. But it is actually warning you of the problem you are having. The display blinking in a Samsung refrigerator means that the temperature is too high.

I was really startled when my appliance display started blinking. I thought the appliance was going to blow up. Fortunately, my mother stopped me from throwing it out of the house.

She told me to read the guide. I couldn’t disobey her, so I read the instruction and applied them to the appliance.

The instruction mentioned the blinking problem as the temperature being too high. Other problems are also shown by blinking. Opened fridge door can be responsible too. Read more!

Samsung refrigerator display blinking

samsung refrigerator display blinking

The extreme temperature is the first problem that causes the display to blink. The door, if not closed, will also affect the display.

The door seal, if damaged in a way that allows the cooling to escape from the fridge, is also responsible for the blinking.

The blinking is just to get your attention so that you can resolve the problem. The temperature should remain at the level it is set at, or this problem will occur. It will cause the food and things stored in it to go bad.

Reasons and fixes

When you know the problem, you will automatically want to fix them. I wrote this because I know that.

Temperature being abnormal

The temperature you set in the fridge is its normal temperature. But if it is too high, it is called an abnormal temperature. A normal temperature is required for working the fridge.

When the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the display will blink, telling you that the temperature is too high. This means there is too high a temperature, and the appliance cannot cool down.


This usually happens if the panel is tempered. The settings will change, and the temperature will not be set as optimum.

This also happens when too much warm food is placed near the wall. The warmth doesn’t allow the cooling process to go well. Thus, blinking happens.


If you have put hot food in it, then take it out and avoid putting it in the future. Keep the food you put a little further from the wall. Provide fridge clearance and distance for better ventilation outside.

Turn the temperature settings back to normal. Usually, this happens automatically. Select the default settings or set to recommend settings from the guide.

Improper closing

improper closing

If you left the door open or didn’t check it for proper closing. Then that would let the cooling get out. Warm air enters if the door isn’t closed.

It then mixes with the cool air present inside. The mixture causes moisture to form and defrost. This mixing activity is detected and is displayed as an error.


This problem is primarily fixed by proper closing of the door. If the shelves are blocking, then push them back so that the door isn’t open.

Organizing the fridge will help you in prevention.

Condenser coil issue

Stopped cooling can also cause blinking. The condenser coil being too dusty causes it. The coils keep your fridge cool. If the condenser isn’t working, it will damage other parts too.

Bring on the back. It deals with dust and debris. This causes the condenser to overheat. If this fails, the fridge will cannot cool.


Let’s start by removing the dust by using a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the dust should let it cool. The fridge needs to be removed from the plug. Now check the back of the fridge by accessing it.

The bank panel has screws, so you need to remove it. Now vacuum the coil using a handheld vacuum cleaner. If you want to prevent the coil from getting dusty. You should put them in a clean spot. Clean them timely.


Power surges and the cooling points being blocked due to ice can cause this to happen. The above reasons that are explained more are the more appropriate and common problems. The appliance guide has all this information.

If the problems aren’t fixed even with these steps. Then the problem is worse and you need the help of a professional.

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