Samsung refrigerator not cooling

Samsung refrigerator not cooling. Samsung refrigerators are one of the best in the market. They have sleek designs, and they come with a variety of features.

But as great as these refrigerators are, they can sometimes stop working. If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling, you should first check the power from the outlet to the fridge.

You also need to look at ambient temperaturea if it gets too hot, then that will make it harder for your Samsung refrigerator to cool down food.

To find out what’s wrong with your Samsung refrigerator, you can start doing tests looking for faulty parts.

Samsung refrigerator not cooling

There are a few common reasons why is your Samsung fridge not cooling.

  1. Frosted Evaporator Coils
  2. Faulty thermistor
  3. Faulty relay
  4. Faulty Compressor
  5. Damper Control Assembly
  6. Not plugged in properly
  7. The door is not closed properly
  8. Lower the temperature
  9. Not Enough space from the wall
  10. Food is packed too tight
  11. Demo mode
  12. Direct sunlight and high temperatures
  13. Dirty Condenser Coils

Frosted Evaporator Coilswhy samsung refrigerator not cooling

If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling, it may be because the evaporator coils are frosted.

This could happen for a couple of reasons: one being that ice has built up on top of them and blocked airflow.

Two, an issue with the defrost heater assembly, which turns on periodically to melt any accumulated frost from those very same coils so they can work properly again.

In order to clean either type of coil without damaging them, make sure you use something like hot water in one-gallon increments until all ice melts off, then leave it alone so as not to damage anything else while waiting for the next cycle- usually 2 hours.

Faulty thermistor faulty thermistor samsung fridge not cooling

One of the most common reasons that a Samsung refrigerator won’t cool even if its freezer works properly is that it has a faulty thermistor.

The part senses the fridge’s temperature and sends readings to the control board, which decides how much power should be sent out for cooling based on what it reads from this sensor.

If your fridge doesn’t seem cold enough, double-check that there isn’t something wrong with your thermistor!

Faulty Relaysamsung refrigerator problems temperature

In order to get your refrigerator running at the coldest possible temperature, it is important that you know how to test for a faulty start relay.

This means finding out whether or not there are proper connections between the ‘run’ and ‘start’ terminal sockets with an ohm meter.

If these two terminals do not have continuity, then this component needs to be replaced in order for everything else in your fridge – like milk-to stay nice and frosty!

Faulty Compressorfaulty compressor

If the compressor goes out, you’ll have an entire cooling system in trouble on your hands!

This means it’s important for us to know how our compressors work and what can go wrong with them if they do malfunction.

The compressor takes hot vapor from outside of the fridge-the cool low-pressure gas-and pushes it into coils located just outside of where we keep all our food cold inside, heating up as does so because this process requires some heat energy which then turns into warm air when cooled down again after leaving these coils behind.

Damper Control Assemblydamper control assembly

The air damper in your Samsung fridge is a small but important part of the refrigerator. It controls how much cold air enters the fridge from the freezer.

But, at times, this tiny device fails to do its job properly, and you might notice a funny smell coming out of your refrigerator compartment or feel like things are not getting cool inside.

When this happens, up until now, no one would think about checking on such small but important parts – fortunately, thanks to our company!

Not Enough space from the wall

It’s always a good idea to have at least one inch of space from the wall. This will not only provide proper circulation and cooling, but it also may prevent your refrigerator or freezer door from getting stuck in the event that you need to close up tight for any reason (such as inclement weather).

Samsung refrigerators are good, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems with them.

Regardless of how long you’ve had it or what type of issue it is, there will be a time when something goes wrong, and in order to fix the problem properly, we need to know more about why this happened.

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