Samsung refrigerator jackhammer noise

Samsung refrigerator jackhammer noise. A Samsung refrigerator is an electrical appliance used to store food for a long time.

If you do not store the food in a proper way, then it will be destroyed and rotten.

A refrigerator basically cools the food items and saves them from getting rotten. Present-day the new models of refrigerators do not make a loud noise.

It is very important to have knowledge that if your Samsung refrigerator is making a noise, then what kind of noise is this?

Is it the normal sound of an ice maker or compressor, or is it coming from some other part of the fridge? Crackling, humming and beeping are some noises that we listen to from the fridges.

Samsung refrigerator jackhammer noiserefrigerator jackhammer noise

Although besides its advantages, a normal noise comes from inside the refrigerator, which is the noise of a compressor or the sound of an ice maker.

But this noise is not so loud that it disturbs us a lot in our discussion or sleeping.

It is very important to have how to know information about sounds in the following ways because some sounds will not harm the refrigerators, but some jackhammer noises are alarming of some kind to troubleshoot inside the fridge.

Issue of the water case assembly

A water filter case assembly is the main part of a refrigerator as it is connected to most parts that supply the water to the fridge.

When you inspect it from the inside, you will see that the Samsung water filter is secured in the filter head, which is close to the water valve.

There is also a small water tank that stores cold water and conveys it to the water dispenser.

All parts in the water case assembly are very close to each other and if somehow one of the parts fails, then water will not flow easily from it and a jackhammer kind of noise will start coming from the refrigerator.

As is described above, all parts are connected with each other, and if one part is damaged, then you will have to replace all the water case assemblies.

Crackling noise of plastic pipes

When the temperature of the refrigerator increases or decreases, then its plastic parts, like pipes, contract and expands; when these plastic pipes change expansion, then the crackling sound comes from them.

This is a normal and common sound in new refrigerators because they adopt the temperature level of the surrounding. This sound is not a big thing to worry about until it becomes louder.

Sound of the evaporator fansound of the evaporator fan

There are different fans installed in fridges for different purposes. One of them is an evaporator fan whose function is to spread cold air to every part of the refrigerator.

It disperses the cold air to all chambers of the fridge. With time ice and verglas spread on the evaporator fan and make layers on it.

As the fan spin continuously and its blades will touch the ice, and a jackhammer noise will start coming from the fridge.

To fix this problem, you will have to switch off the fridge so that the fan stops, and all the ice will start melting over the evaporator fan.

Do not use the hair dryer to melt the ice quickly; instead of it, wait for a long time to let the ice melt itself from the external temperature.

Whistling sound from the fridge

Sometimes it happens that a whistling or a blowing sound starts coming from the circulations fan of the fridge. It is occasional and not so often.

Don’t need to worry about this sound. Just changing the position of your fridge in inches will finish the sound.


What is the major reason refrigerators make noise?

It is due to the ice which is stuck on the evaporator fan. When the blades of the fan spin then, a knocking noise comes out of the fridge.

Is it possible to stop the water pipes from clicking?

The clicking sound of water pipes can be reduced by minimizing the temperature.


Samsung refrigerators are in need of time because they save food and keep them fresh.

It is important to maintain the fridges and keep removing spoiled food and stuck ice on the evaporator fan; otherwise it will start producing knocking noise.

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