25 e error code samsung refrigerator

25 e error code samsung refrigerator. A Samsung refrigerator is used to cool things and make the food items fresh and cold.

The basic work of the refrigerator is to make a cooling, but it also sprints a defrost cycle to melt the ice, which is build-up.

When this procedure of melting the ice does not happen after approximately 80 minutes, then the 25 e error code appears on display.

One of the reasons behind this error code is that the heating element has stopped working, due to which the fridge is unable to melt the ice, which is very necessary; otherwise, ice builds up on the evaporator fan and other components.

It also happens when the temperature sensor becomes defective and does not work.

Unfortunately, you can not repair the heating element or temperature sensor, and you will have to repair them for the proper working of a refrigerator.

25 e error code samsung refrigeratorerror code samsung refrigerator

When the error appears, then it means the defrost function of the fridge is not working properly. This function is very necessary for a fridge to prevent it from building up moisture and ice.

Moisture is very dangerous for the fridge, so you will have to solve the problem of this error code. This is mostly because of the defective heating element, and temperature sensor.

Let’s find in detail the different solutions for fixing this problem.

Heating element is failed

Defrosting function is installed in the fridges to melt the remove the moisture and ice from the components.

If you want to produce heat in the fridge, then you will have to install the defrost heating element which produces heat at regular intervals so that ice does not build upon the different parts.

It melts the ice by producing heat when power is given to it. If the melting cycle end, then the heating element will get cooler because no heat is provided to it.

It also fails to generate when it gets damaged, either physically or electrical. It could be broken when a thing hits it. You will have to replace the heating element because repairing is not possible.

Temperature sensor is faultytemperature sensor is faulty

It is installed behind the evaporator cover, and its function is to switch off the heating element when the temperate level raises too high.

It cuts off the heating element when that generates more heat during the defrosting cycle because it will damage the other components.

The temperature sensor of the refrigerator is damaged due to more usage and material wear out. It also becomes defective due to the burning out of the short circuit.

If due, for any reason, the sensor is failed, then it will not do its job and will stop the element from switching on, and also it will put a stop to the melting cycle also.

Now when the defrosting cycle time, which is mostly 80 minutes, will pass, then an error, 25 code will appear. Fixing the temperature sensor is not possible, so you will have to replace it with a new one.

Control board

The Control board is the main part of the refrigerator because it is responsible for all the activities and functions of the refrigerator.

If it is defective due to a circuit issue, then it will not send signals to the heating element or temperature sensor, due to which the unit will not defrost cycle, and an error 25 e code will appear.

You will have to repair or replace the control board; otherwise, the appliance will not make cool as well heating, and all the things in it will be destroyed.


An error e 25 code triggers when the defrost cycle in the fridge does not happen due to failure of the heating element and fault in the temperature sensor.

Control board failure is also a reason behind it. You will have to repair the damaged component; otherwise, the ice or moisture will build up in the evaporator fan etc., which is dangerous for the functioning of the appliance.

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