Roku no picture only sound

Roku no picture only sound. Roku smart TVs are best to have at home to watch different news channels, shows, and films. You can also stream various social apps on your roku tv.

Usually, roku TVs are reliable and work efficiently without any issues. But, you need to use them well because if you keep turning on the roku tv for a long time and do not insert the HDMI cable tightly in the socket, it creates various issues. Sometimes you face a certain issue: no picture coming on the tv screen but just sound.

If you talk about the leading causes of no pictures but only sound on roku, then the first reason is unsuitable HDMI cables and other accessories.

Then the second main reason is the faulty input source, and there is a hardware issue with your roku tv.

If you do not give rest to your device and continuously turn it on, then it starts malfunctioning. Before you hire a technician, read this complete directory to fix the no-picture issue on the roku tv.

Roku no picture only sound

Roku TVs are usually reliable brands, but they will start making various issues if you use them roughly. It is frustrating to see no picture on the screen, but the only sound is coming.

If your roku tv screen is black and just sound is coming, it may happen due to a loose wire or faulty input source.

The cause behind no picture could be your tv or the device itself. So, ensure your Roku player is attached directly to your smart TV.

Read the following troubleshooting tips to find the solution to get the picture back on the roku tv screen.

Restart your tv

restart your tv

If you turn on the roku tv to watch some exciting show, but you only get a black screen with just sound coming, then it is very irritating, so the first thing to do in this situation is to restart the roku tv.

Press the power button on roku TVs remote control to switch off the tv for two minutes and then turn it on again with the remote control device.

If the picture comes on the tv screen, then great, but if there is no picture and just sound is coming, then move forward to the next step.

Power cycle your device

If restarting the tv does not make any change, then turn off your roku tv again and remove the power cable from the electrical socket for 1 minute.

Reconnect the roku tv power cable to the socket and switch on the device with the remote control to check whether the picture is still coming on the screen or is a black screen.

Check HDMI cables

check hdmi cables

Next, check all the HDMI cables and roku tv wires. When you turn on the TV, make sure all the wires are tightly connected at their ports.

Disconnect all the wires from the ports and clean all the dust from the ports. Reconnect all the wires at their respective ports.

When you shift the roku tv from one place to another, ensure all the wires are attached efficiently at the device’s backside.

If you locate any loose wire connection, then reconnect all the cables and circuits and check the black screen is removed.

Damaged cables

If you see any broken or burnt wire during the inspection, then replace or repair it to bring back the tv display.

If you don’t know how to repair the faulty cable inside the roku tv, then try because if you make the wrong connection, then it can increase further damage to the device, and it might burn your device.

So, hire a skillful technician to repair the damaged wire.

Try a different wall socket

try a different wall socket

If your tv has no loose connection and all HDMI cables are working efficiently, then you need to change the wall socket.

Sometimes, the wall socket is faulty, and there is not enough electric current in the wall socket to transfer to the roku tv.

Its simple solution is to remove the power cable from the faulty outlet and insert it in another wall socket close to the roku tv to get the screen display.

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Factory reset

If the above tips did not work and you still have the black screen, then it might be corrupt tv settings, and a factory reset is the best solution in this situation.

There are two ways to factory reset the tv. The first method is hard reset, and the other is factory reset through the device settings menu.

In this case, you can not factory reset the device through the setting menu because there is no display on the screen, and you can not navigate through the option, so you can only hard reset the tv.

Remember that a factory reset will remove all the settings, accounts, and data from the device, so note all the settings before resetting the tv.

  • Carefully remove the roku tv from the wall and check the back side of the tv.
  • Locate the hard reset button on the backside.
  • Long press the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Switch on your device and follow the instruction to complete the setup.
  • Power on the TV and complete the guided setup procedure

TCL roku tv remote not working

Update your roku software

If your roku suddenly stops displaying the picture but the sound is still coming, then you need to check the roku tv software.

If you want to use the tv optimally without any issues, then you need to keep updating the latest software. If you don’t know how to update the system software, then follow these points.

  • Navigate the Settings menu on your device.
  • Select System updates
  • Click update option
  • Install the latest software

However, you can only update your software if the black screen does not influence the settings menu. But, if the settings menu is also not displaying, then you can not update the device software with a black screen.

Roku tv audio out

That’s why keep updating the software when any update notification pops up on your screen.


The last thoughts on this directory are that if your roku tv screen is not displaying pictures, but the sound is coming, it isn’t very reassuring because you can not enjoy your favorite tv show without pictures.

In this article, I mentioned all the possible solutions to fix the issues making roku tv black screen. But if the problem continues, then your best bet is to contact a local tv repair expert or call the customer help center. Sharp Roku tv black screen