Roku tv audio out

Most people love to watch television after spending a tiring day in the office to relax, and roku smart tvs are best to have in-home because of their reliability and modern features.

You can stream thousands of channels and social apps on roku tvs, but sometimes a frustrating issue occurs to these devices that roku tv audio is out of sync. In this issue, the audio comes ahead of the media, sometimes behind the video.

If you are searching for tv audio out solution, then you are at the right place because it happened to me a few times, and when I searched its troubleshooting, then I came to know it happens with many roku tv users.

If your tv audio is out, then the first tip is to power cycle your device. You should also try to change the audio settings and check HDMI cable connections.

Read this entire article to learn various troubleshooting tips to get your tv audio back to a normal race.

Roku tv audio out

Nothing is more annoying than seeing the roku tv audio out because you can not enjoy your favorite tv program when the audio is out of the race.

If you listen to no sound from the tv and it shows only a picture, then, first of all, check the device volume because sometimes you don’t know the volume is zero.

If your tv audio is out of sync, then check The tv HDMI wire connections and device audio settings because sometimes there is no hardware issue to the device, and tv audio is out of sync due to audio settings.

Check other channels

check other channels

If your roku tv sound is out on your favorite tv channel or app, then change the app or channel to see if the problem is happening just on one channel or if it’s the same everywhere.

Sometimes the audio is synced on just one channel due to weak network signals or some technical problems on one channel.

In this situation, you can not do anything but wait, but if all media contents and channels are out of audio sync, then surely something is wrong with the roku tv connections or settings.

Power cycle your roku tv

When you face any issue with your tv device, restarting the tv must be your first step. Restarting the tv is necessary because it clears firmware glitches and removes any bug issues.

So, if your tv audio is out, then power off your device with the remote control and disconnect the cord from the power source for five minutes. TCL roku tv remote not working

Insert the cord into the electrical outlet after five minutes and switch on your tv. Stream your favorite channel and check if the audio is playing well or if the problem is not resolved.

Check your remote

check your remote

Check your remote audio settings if your tv is not playing any audio and just displaying video. If the device volume is muted from the remote control, then surely the roku tv is out.

Press the mute button on your device and press the increase volume button on the remote control to see wheater the volume was muted from the remote.

If the audio starts coming from the roku tv, then great, and enjoy streaming your channel, but if there is no sound, then don’t worry and move forward to the next solution.

Check network connection

Check if your internet connection is stable or not if your tv audio is out of sync and does not match the video content because there is a network signal issue.

You need to have a strong wifi connection at home to stream the video channels because if there is poor signal strength, then it will make a sound problem.

If you use a wired network connection at home to stream live content on roku smart tv, then make sure your ethernet wire is not broken from anywhere and it is tightly connected between the internet modem and roku tv. Hisense tv not connecting to wifi

Clear the cache memory

Clearing the cache memory is important for all smart devices to clear many problems. If you do not clear the cache memory, then the storage power will affect the efficiency and audio.

The best method to clear the cache memory is to restart your tv. But if you have already tried this option, and the roku tv audio is still out, then you can also use the remote control to clear the cache memory.

Loose HDMI cable

loose hdmi cable

There is a separate audio and video HDMI cable in the roku tv.

So if there is no audio from roku tv, then find any loose HDMI cable connections in the device and tighten them if you locate any loose wire connections.

If the HDMI cable is damaged, then replace it with a new quality cable to enjoy the audio.

Change audio settings

The next troubleshooting tip is changing the remote’s tv audio settings. Mostly this technique works for many users if there is no hardware issue with the device.

In this method, you need to do is debilitate and then enable the ‘Volume Mode’ on the device’s remote control. If you don’t know how to disable and enable the volume mode on the remote, then follow these simple steps.

  • Aim your remote towards the roku tv and push the Star button.
  • Move to the ‘Volume Mode.’
  • Click OFF.

Enable the volume mode with the same steps to bring back the volume.


My final words on this guide are if your tv is audio synced, then don’t feel shame because it commonly happens with every tv user due to minor errors. But it’s very easy to bring back the normal audio with pictures.

Follow all the troubleshooting steps described in this article to fix the problem. However, if the issue is not resolved, contact a local tv repair shop or Customer Support.

However, if none of these solutions worked for you, the only thing left to do is contact Roku Customer Support because you can claim a warranty if you have newly purchased the roku tv.