Sharp Roku tv black screen

It’s very annoying to see a Sharp Roku tv black screen when you turn on the tv to watch some interesting tv show or program.

If your roku tv is showing a black screen, then its display may be broken due to being hit by a ball or falling on the floor, so check for any sign of damage on your tv screen.

You do not get a picture display on your tv due to various technical issues kike tv power cables are faulty, outdated software, the wall socket being faulty, the motherboard being damaged, and many minor hardware problems.

If you want to fix your Sharp Roku tv black screen problem by yourself before you call a tv professional, then read this full guide because this article is related to all the main causes and their solutions to get back your tv display.

Sharp Roku tv black screen

Sharp Roku tv models usually work fine if you use them properly. Do not turn them on for long because it overheats the capacitor and other components.

If your tv is giving a black screen, then restart your tv, check cable connections, look for pending updates, hardware issues, and factory reset.

Keep reading to learn what to do in detail.

Restart your Sharp Roku tv

restart your sharp roku tv

When you experience any technical problem with your smart tv, then your first step must be restarting the tv.

Suppose you want to fix the black tv screen because it is not displaying pictures. First of all, power off and on your tv with the remote control device. Switch off your tv for 20-30 seconds.

If the tv screen does not give a picture, then remove the cable from the socket for 2 minutes and insert the cable in the socket after 2 minutes to power on the smart tv. Check if your tv is showing pictures or still it is dead.

In most cases, this step clears the minor glitches and bugs and fixes your issue, but sometimes power cycling the sharp roku tv does not troubleshoot the post so that you can carry on further tips.

Loose cable connections

If the tv screen goes black and does not display anything, one of the leading causes of this trouble is loose cable connections.

HDMI cables are used to connect different devices like DVD or roku cable boxes with your tv. So, make sure the HDMI cables are not broken and loose.

It is essential to fix these cables in a straight position because a slight twisting or tangling can lose or damage the cable, making picture issues to your tv.

Check all the HDMI cable ports and if you find any loose cables, then clean the port with a soft cloth and insert the cable tightly in the respective port.

If you locate a faulty HDMI cable, there is no other choice than to purchase the cable and then always buy a high-speed braided HDMI cable.

A braided HDMI cable is reliable and gives the best picture quality on your Sharp Roku tv screen. Dont forget to insert the cable in the right port because if your HDMI cable is in the wrong port, then the tv will not display any picture. Sharp tv troubleshooting

Check Your Remote

check your remote

If there is no loose cable connection, then check your Sharp Roku tv remote control because it can also be responsible for Sharp TV’s black screen display.

Turn on other smart tvs with your remote control to check if it is working or not. If it does not turn on any device, then open the remote back chamber and remove the old batteries.

Insert new quality batteries in the remote to check whether it works or not now.

Try to use the side panel buttons to operate the tv manually. If the tv shows pictures with manual control, then surely your remote control is faulty, and you need to replace it with new remote control.

See if the TV responds when you try the manual controls instead of the remote.

Update your TV software

Sharp Roku tvs come with software to provide you with different features, but it needs to be kept updated.

If your tv screen is black, but it has not affected the menu, then update your tv software. But if there is no menu display also, then you can skip this point.

Anyhow, if the menu is displaying, then open the settings menu on your TV. The next step is to go to system updates. Now, click the update option to download and install the latest software update on your tv.

Check the wall socket

check the wall socket

A faulty wall socket is also responsible for the Sharp tv black screen. If there is no electric charge in your wall socket, then it will transfer current to your tv to switch on and show any picture.

It’s not challenging to check your socket because you can easily inspect it to see wheater it is faulty or working.

Removed the tv power cable from the socket and tried to put in another socket in the room.

If the tv immediately powers on, then obviously, there is no issue with the tv and cable, but actually, the main culprit is an outlet.

Plug in your smartphone charger in the previous socket to test whether it is charging or not. Best 65 inch tv under 700

If the smartphone is also not charging, then surely your socket is faulty, and there is something wrong inside the socket. You can hire an electrician to fix the faulty outlet.

Factory Reset

Factory rest is always the last option whenever you troubleshoot any smart device. It is the last step because it not one clears all the minor glitches and bugs but also clears the device settings, accounts, and memory.

Every device has its own way of factory resetting, so you can get help from the Sharp Roku tv manufacturer’s manual to learn the steps to factory reset the tv.

If your tv screen is unfortunately still displaying a black screen, then your last option is to detach the tv from the wall carefully, remove all teh cable connections and bring your tv to a local tv repair shop for a deeper hardware issue.


The bottom line of this guide is it’s very frustrating to see the Sharp Roku tv malfunctioning because you can not watch the tv.

If your Sharp TV is having a black screen issue with no picture and you don’t want to take professional services, then follow all the tricks you can apply to fix the problem.

But, if the screen does not give display after applying all tricks, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional for deeper inspection. Tv screen goes black but sound still works