TCL Roku tv color problems

TCL Roku tv color problems. Nowadays, a variety of tv brands and models are available in the market with different features and affordable prices. Therefore, it becomes difficult for people to choose which tv brand is best to purchase.

However, TCL roku tvs are the best and leading tv brands in the market due to their modern features and reasonable prices.

Every smart device malfunctions with time for different reasons, so if your TCL roku tv is having color problems, then surely it is a very frustrating and annoying situation because you can not stream the media with color flashing, suddenly decreasing or increasing in brightness.

If your roku TCL tv is experiencing color problems, check the cable connections because sometimes you insert the cable in the wrong HDMI port, restart your tv, and change the power outlet.

If you are here, it means you want to fix your tv color problems without hiring a professional, so I will not disappoint you because, in this article, I described tips and steps to what to do to resolve this problem.

Tcl roku tv color problems

It’s terrible to see your roku tv displaying dim and changing brightness after some time because you can not watch and enjoy your favorite tv program with the color issue.

Tv color problems normally arise due to wrong cable connection and weak internet signals. So recheck all the cable connections and internet signal strength.

Let’s discuss in detail what to do to bring back the normal brightness and colors on TCL roku tv.

Change the channel

change the channel

If you are watching roku tv and suddenly you see the brightness is decreasing.

If the tv is having color problems, then, first of all, change the channel to check if the color problem is happening on only one channel or is occurring on any channel.

Stream any other media or channel for some time. If there is no color problem on another channel, then it means that a specific channel you are watching has some color issue, and you can not do much but just wait.

However, if all the streaming media on TV shows color problems, then something is definitely wrong, so move to the next point.

Reboot your TCL roku tv

Software glitches and bugs sometimes create issues in smart devices, so if the color problem is generated suddenly, then reboot your tv.

Turn off your roku tv with the remote control and disconnect the power cable from an outlet for sixty seconds.

After one minute, connect the cord to the power source and turn on your device with the remote control. Stream the channel and check if the is resolved.

Hard Reset

Hard reset is another simple notion to fix problems. Most people know how to reset the tv hard, but if you don’t know, then simply turn off the roku tv and drag out the cord from the socket.

Now, long press the tv power button for half a minute. It will clear all the power and glitches from the device. Afterward, fit your TV power cord in the outlet again and turn your tv on.

Wrong cable connection

wrong cable connection

There are different cables connected in tv for pictures and audio. So if you insert the video cable in the wrong port, then obviously, color problems will come.

So, make sure to insert the video and audio cables in the respective ports to avoid a false display. Roku tv audio out

Damaged port

If you continuously use one port, its pins are damaged, so if you have color problems on your tv, check the tv port.

Remove the dust from the port and insert the cable. If it does not fix the color problem, then change the port and insert the video cable in another port.

Faulty cable

If your tv device is too old, then there are chances that the video cable is faulty and damaged due to overheating or being used for a long time.

You can only replace the faulty video cable inside the tv to fix the color problems. Video cables are usually damaged when you continuously watch tv without any rest because it overheats the cables, and sometimes they are burnt.

Replacing a faulty cable inside the tv is a difficult task to ask, so it’s suggested to you ask an experienced technician to replace the faulty video cable inside the tv.

Change wall socket

change wall socket

If there is nothing wrong with the device ports and cables, then disconnect the cord from the wall and connect it to another outlet in the room.

There is a chance that the socket you are currently using to supply the source to the tv is faulty, and it’s not transferring the required power to tv due to which the TCL roku tv is showing color problems.

Adjust the tv antenna

If you have connected your tv with a tv antenna, then always adjust it at that place where it receives full signals.

If you adjust the tv antenna in the wrong place, then there will be a weak signal issue that makes color and audio problems to the tv.

TCL roku tv remote not working

Change tv settings

Everyone like to watch tv with high-quality picture display and sound. Therefore, the display refresh rate function is installed in modern Tcl tvs to give viewers high-resolution pictures.

Normally, this feature does not make any issues, but you never know when smart devices start to malfunction, so disable this refresh rate feature to check if it fixes color brightness.

If you don’t know how to disable the refresh feature from roky tv, then follow these steps.

  • Open the menu settings on your tv.
  • Select the system tab.
  • Go to advanced system settings.
  • Select auto-adjust display refresh rate
  • Select disable

If this feature was creating the color disbalance, then surely your problem is fixed, but if this was not making a color problem, then it’s better to enable this feature again through the same steps.


The last words in this article are if your TCL roku tv has started color problems, then firstly reboot your device. All the possible fixes are described in detail for you to fix your tv in the home.

Contact with local roku tv repair shop and explain the problem. Dont forget to tell all the tips and solutions you tried to fix the problem because it will make it easy for the technician to sort out the actual culprit. TCL roku tv remote not working