TCL roku tv remote not working

TCL roku tv remote not working. It’s very frustrating to see your roku tv remote not working because you can not frequently go close to the tv to change the volume or channel through the tv panel. It’s also difficult to navigate through menu settings without the remote control.

Tv remote is the most common device used in daily routine because everyone loves to stream different channels on tv in their spare time.

So, it’s very painful for everyone when the tv remote stops responding when you press the buttons to perform any task.

The first thing to check when the remote stops working is its power batteries. If the remote batteries become weakened or dead, then the remote control will definitely work and respond.

Usually, it depends upon the quality and usage, but you need to change the batteries after two months for quick response by the device.

There are several other reasons also responsible for the TCL roku remote not working, so keep reading the guide to get rid of this issue.

TCL roku tv remote not working

If the Tcl roku remote is not working, then, first of all, check the batteries. The next thing to keep in mind is maintaining the distance range between the roku tv remote.

Check if your tv remote is paired with the tv or if it is unpaired due to factory resetting the roku tv.

Although you can use the roku app on your smartphone to operate the roku tv, it is not a permanent solution, so read this full post to troubleshoot your malfunctioning TCL roku tv control.

Check the remote batteriescheck the remote batteries

Remote batteries are the first thing to check when the TCL roku tv remote stops working.

Remote batteries are installed in the remote chamber to give power to the remote, so when then these batteries become poor or dead due to usage, then the remote stops working.

It usually depends upon the usage, but you need to change the remote after two months or when you press the buttons two to three-time to change the channel or increase the volume.

The slow response by the remote control is an indicator for you that the batteries are running out of power and it’s time to change the batteries.

AA batteries, or alkaline batteries, are best to install in remote batteries. Do not prefer rechargeable batteries in the control because it’s not good to use rechargeable batteries in devices.

Wrong terminals

If you have changed the new batteries in the remote and it is not responding, then reopen the battery chamber and check you have placed the batteries in the right terminals.

It’s very necessary to place the batteries in the right manner according to the right terminals. If you don’t insert the batteries in the right positive or negative manner, then the remote will not work due to no shift in power.

If you are going out of the home for one month or more time, then remove the batteries from the device to save them from the remote terminals from rusting. If your battery terminals are rusted, then clean the corrosion with a soft sponge and alcohol.

Out of range

If you stand at a far distance from the tv and try to operate it from the control, then it will not work due to range distance.

There is always a specific distance range between the tv and the control. So, make sure to sit close to the tv to operate the tv remote efficiently.

Physical obstruction

Your tv remote needs a clear and straight angle to operate the tv. If anyone is standing between the remote and the tv sensor line, then the remote will not work.

Similarly, any physical object like a chair, table, or wall can stop the signal transmission, so ensure there is no physical obstruction between both devices. Roku tv audio out

The Roku remote is unpaired with the tvthe roku remote is unpaired with the tv

Roku remote also stops working or responding when it is unpaired with the tv. It is normally unpaired with the tv due to factory resetting the device, pending tv software updates, technical glitches, etc.

Once your its unpaired with the tv or streaming device, then you need to perform the following steps to repair the remote control with TCL roku tv.

  • Turn off your roku tv and remove the power cable from the socket for a few seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cable and power on your tv.
  • Find the pairing button on your TCL roku tv remote.
  • Long press the button until the remote control starts flashing.
  • When the remote starts flashing, it is repaired with the tv so that you can use it now.

Roku remote app

Modern smart tvs have too many functions to make them comfortable to watch tv.

If your remote is not working, then you can download the roku remote app on your smartphone to perform basic functions like power on or off the tv, change the channel or volume, etc.

However, it is not a permanent solution because you can not always use your remote control to operate the tv. It is just a temporary solution for some basic tasks.

Physical damage

As I told you above, the tv control is the most used device in the home, so you also have to protect it from physical damage.

Do not long press the device button, and always use the gently. TCL roku tv remote not working

If your control or any button is physically damaged due to falling on the earth by some little child in the home, then you have no other option than to purchase a new TCL roku tv remote.


The last thoughts on this article are if you are frustrated with your TCL roku tv remote that has stopped working due to unknown reasons, then I am sure this post helped you to resolve the problem.

First of all, check the remote batteries and physical damage on the remote. Always make sure the distance range, and there is no physical obstruction between the tv sensor and the remote control. TCL roku tv not connecting to wifi