Ring doorbell live view not working

Ring doorbell live view not working. Ring doorbell is a handy, useful gadget that allows you to take the security of your house into your hands.

Ring doorbell is a smart tool that allows you to watch live video, monitoring the front of your house just from the palm of your hand, through your mobile phone.

It detects motions and objects and then sends notifications; it also allows you to watch recorded videos.

Ring doorbell live view not working

Sometimes issues occur, and the live view feature stops working or doesn’t work properly. There could be a couple of reasons that might occur, but the one main issue that usually causes this problem is a slow internet connection.

Slow Internet connectionwhy ring doorbell live view not working

Ring doorbell is a smart device that requires a good internet connection to work properly, so one of the most common issues could be slow internet.

To remain life and keep giving live view, it needs to be consistent with the internet connection; slow internet can disturb the signal between the router and Ring doorbell, causing problems with the live video.

To fix this problem

  • Check the speed of internet connection around the area.
  • Increase the speed of your internet.
  • Might need to install a better Internet service.

Because in case the connection is slow, the data transformation will be slow and the live video will buffer take time to load, thus not providing you the exact benefit of it.

Power Supplyring doorbell power supply

Besides good internet, the Ring doorbell needs a good power supply. Another reason that your live video is not working could be not getting enough power supply.

If internal battery backup is not provided, an insufficient supply of power can cause problems in the live video.

To fix this problem

  • Install internal battery backup in the Ring Doorbell.
  • Have another source of backup for the power supply.

Software updatingsoftware updating

If you haven’t updated your Ring doorbell firmware which is embedded software, you may experience problems with a variety of Ring capabilities; it might vary from the manufacturing of software.

It can cause issues like live view not working. As a result, if the updated firmware is available, you should download and install it.

This could fix a variety of additional difficulties with the ring doorbell, including:

  • The inability to use the live view feature.
  • Stuck while functioning.
  • Not enough responsive.

Even if you only took it out of the box to charge it, your Ring Doorbell will be updated immediately. When your Ring Doorbell is fully updated, you will be notified of the progress and completion of the upgrade.

A good signal from your Wi-Fi router connected to your Ring Doorbell is required for your Ring Doorbell to be updated. The length of your update is mostly determined by the quality of your connection.

Router Fixing

Ring doorbell works both on the power supply and batteries; make sure to install internal batteries as a source of secondary power supply option if you ever run out of power supply.

Even if you have a strong and fast internet connection, the Ring Doorbell Live View feature may not function because your router’s position in relation to your Ring Doorbell is incorrect. There might be other obstacles with the connection, such as:

  • The router should be close enough to your Ring Doorbell for a robust connection to be maintained.
  • Another issue could be that your Wi-Fi band is already being used by a lot of people, causing Ring Doorbell to have connectivity issues.
  • Switching to the 5GHz band on your router will assist the Ring Doorbell in maintaining a better network connection.

If you live in a residential area where there may be a lot of people using Wi-Fi, then it might cause a problem.

Bad Wiring

Wiring is an essential part of a ring doorbell; bad wiring does not only cause live video not to function but also can cause other problems in the doorbell.

Wiring problems can occur while installing the Ring Bell. Make sure to check all the wiring, if they are properly installed or might have been damaged. 

Conclusion: How can you avoid this from happening again?

Now, when you know that a stable connection is highly demanded in the proper functioning of ring doorbell live.

Installing home security gadgets raises the level of protection for your home and goods. It allows you to keep an eye on your home and prevent unwanted entry or crime.

You should also make sure that the Ring Doorbell firmware is updated regularly or whenever necessary, guarantee that it works properly and that your property is safe from intruders.

Furthermore, the Ring assures that you are not responsible for the thief’s damage to the device and gives you a free replacement.

Ring doorbell live view not working – Simple fix

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