Ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working

Ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working. Sensitivity affects motion detection. Low sensitivity or zero sensitivity level may cause Ring doorbell 2 to not sense the motion in front of it. Alerts in settings will not detect any motion either.

I installed Ring doorbell 2 at my house. It’s in a little remote area, so I installed a Ring doorbell 2 and other security features. But to my surprise, the bell wasn’t detecting motion. I called customer care to complain.

They explained the reasons why the Ring doorbell 2 isn’t detecting motion. I followed the company’s instructions, and the sensor started working again.

I know Ring doorbell 2 not sensing motion can cause everyone to worry. I stated the reasons for the motion not being detected and the fixes below. So keep reading!

Ring doorbell 2 motion detection not workingfix ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working

Ring doorbell 2 detects nothing if the motion sensors aren’t working.

If the sensitivity of the motion sensor is set off or set very low, the sensors won’t detect at all, or they will only detect hard motion.

Outdated firmware won’t allow any type of detection either. Sometimes the motion detection is not on, and it’s turned off in the app.

Power isn’t reaching the sensor, or the bell isn’t turned on.

Turning the motion sensors on and setting the sensitivity helps in setting the motion sensors.

If the motion sensors are out of order, they’ll need replacement. Power issues will need solving if the sensors aren’t responding.

The causes for motion not detecting are written with fixes.

Sensitivity doorbell not recording at night

Motion detectors in the doorbell use heat to detect motion, and the degree of sensitivity is usually the default in the doorbell. But sometimes, the setting changes or wasn’t at default in the first place.

The sensitivity may be changed in the sting or through the phone app. The app contains a sensitivity option, and you can set it to about 30 feet at max. The sensitivity in the app can also be off.

You can download the Ring doorbell 2 app from the web and turn the sensitivity on. You can also increase the sensitivity if it’s low or just set the sensitivity to default for optimum and recommended use.

Simply open the Ring app on any device and press the customized control dots on the top corner. Select the required bell and open motion settings.

Tapping or sliding will turn the sensors on, and you will see a green light to show it’s on.

Sensor issue

The heat sensor present in bells detects the motion. Even if the sensors are on but out of order, they won’t work. The sensors are repairable parts of the bell and any device. Though they aren’t repairable, they can still be replaced.
motion sensor of the doorbell is not working

Suppose right and matching sensors are obtained. Then they can be replaced. But replacing the sensor is better with a professional.

The wrong installation of sensors in the bell can cause the whole bell to be dysfunctional.

Downgraded/old software

Sometimes the automatic update of Ring’s software isn’t installed in the bell. The system isn’t up to date, and thus the sensor shows glitches, and the motion isn’t detected by the device.

Not only the sensor but other functions may not work either.

They will be shown, but glitches and bugs keep them from working. Firmware bugs are common. This happens because of a feeble internet connection too.

The updates need to be installed, and the Ring firmware should always be up to date, and the application of the Ring should also be updated.

This makes the firmware sync, and the glitches are cleared with the help of the latest software. Bugs in the system are also cleared.
motion is not recording by the doorbell

Power problem

Power is a common sensor or doorbell issue. Suppose the doorbell doesn’t have power. It won’t be able to start the doorbell sensor. Thus, no motion will be detected by the Ring doorbell.


The sensor problem is usually related to sensitivity and system updates. But it can be related to faulty sensors as well.

Unstable internet connection and weak signals may affect it too. Other reasons have been explained with the solutions that suit them.

Call customer support of Ring. All problems are solvable.

Ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working

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