Does ring doorbell work with google home

Does ring doorbell work with google home. Ring is a popular smart security system, and users who have it installed want to work with their voice assistant in their home. You can use this device for a variety of purposes like protecting your property, keeping an eye on your kids or pets.

Do you want to link a Google Home device to a Ring Video Doorbell? Do you want to be able to manage Ring only using your voice?

How to connect your Ring Doorbell to Google Home and what you can do after the two devices are linked will be covered in this article.

Does ring doorbell work with google home
why does ring doorbell work with google home

Yes, a Ring doorbell and Google Home can work together, which is great news. By connecting these two devices, you’ll be able to use Google Home’s voice assistant to control some features on your Ring device.

All Ring’s functions are not available, due to the fact that these two gadgets are from competing manufacturers.

When it comes to home security products like Ring and Google Home, Amazon owns Ring, while Google Home is a sophisticated smart speaker that can understand the command of your voice as well as play music.

How to add Ring Doorbell to Google Home?

The first step is to install the Google Home app on your smartphone and pair it with your Ring doorbell. If you use the app, you’ll be able to connect your Google Home and other devices to it.

After the installation, you’ll need the same Google account for both your Google Home and Ring in order to use them together. It’s the same with your phone, so be careful not to register two phones with the same Google account.

After that, go to your smartphone’s Google Home app and press the down arrow, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You’ll be able to see the contacts list as well as individual phone numbers if you do so.

As a result, you’ll have to go back into the app and manually enter the Ring’s phone number. As soon as this is done, you’ll be able to activate your Ring devices by saying “Ok, Google, talk to Ring” from the Google Home app on your phone.

You’ll be able to control and utilize all of the Ring devices’ features through the Google Home app. From Google Play or Apple’s App Store, you can get Ring and Google Home apps, respectively.

You can get it from the Ring website if you have a Windows PC. In order to link your Ring video doorbell to the Google Home Hub, follow these steps:

  • From your smartphone, open the Google Home app
  • Press Add then set up a new device and select Have something already set up?
  • Pick Ring from the offered list of devices

To link your smartphone with the devices, follow the on-screen instructions

  • Open the Google Home application
  • Press Home then Doorbell and go to Settings and then select Name
  • Choose a name for your doorbell and start tapping to Save

The Ring app has the advantage of being mobile-friendly. When a visitor pushes the doorbell, you can receive a message on your phone or smart speaker by using your phone to alter app settings or set up notifications.

When you use this app, you’ll be able to see the history of your Ring on your smartphone.

Here’s how to give the bell access to many individuals in your house using a simple method you may follow at home. Install the ring app on your phone and add additional users so that your husband, children, or roommate can see when the doorbell chimes.

To include more people in Ring Doorbellto include more people in ring doorbell

  • Click on the menu and go to Settings
  • Press on the + sign which is located on the right side of the interface
  • Include the email addresses of the persons you want
  • Press the Assign role
  • Owner, Shared User, and Guest User options are all available to you.
  • To send an invitation, click Send Invitation.

Now the problem is solved and your doorbell can work with google home.


As we discussed in the article, Does ring doorbell work with google home? So here you knew that Ring and Google Home are both compatible with some limitations.

There is no way to stream live through Chromecast or see video on the Google Home Hub display while using Ring. You can only communicate with Ring through your google home. Google and Amazon are rivals so, there’s a chance that the two may never be compatible.

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