Ring doorbell not connecting to wifi

Ring doorbell not connecting to wifi. You can communicate, lesson, and watch the person who comes to visit you at your door without running towards the door laying on your bed. Because your doorbell is connected with wifi. And what if it does not work.

It is due to the connection of wifi with your doorbell. It makes your task easy but at the same time some of us face problems while connecting the doorbell with wifi.

Poor connection of the wifi can be one of the reasons for this disconnection. If your WiFi is doing well, then you need to check your ring app. The failure of the power supply can be the reason for the issue.

Ring doorbell not connecting to wifiring doorbell not connecting to wifi fix

For this issue, check that if the wifi cables are connected properly or not. If there is no connection problem.

Follow these Steps

  • Unplug the switch of the wifi for almost one minute.
  • Now plug the switch back and now check that is the doorbell reconnected. If it is not connected, then come to the other step.
  • Push the button of the device of the ring bell to turn it off, then wait a minute.
  • Now connect your device to ring the bell again to the WiFi.

If you are facing the same issue still. Then you have to check the supply of power to the device.

If the battery is fully powered, then you need to change the battery and now check if the connection is improved.

If the supply of power is enough and the connection is reset, your device of ring bell is connected to WiFi.

Ring bell is not connecting to the ring appring bell is not connecting to the ring app

There are many different reasons for not connecting the app to your device, including:

  • The settings of the phone could not be congruent with the app.
  • The router is at distance from the device.
  • The modem of the device needs the setting.

If there is no problem with the modem or you have already checked the setting of the modem, then the problem must be with your phone.

Sometimes, if cellular data is being used by the phone, the app will not blow out correctly. Connect the app to the network of your home and try.

Doorbell is not connecting with the internetdoorbell is not connecting with the internet

If the doorbell is not connecting to the internet:

  • There must be low power.
  • You have just changed your WiFi password.
  • A power shortage might have occurred.
  • The network amended to 5G network.
  • The password of the wifi has symbols.
  • The batteries of the device have become dead or maybe they are low.

 Connect Device of the ring manually

If these suggestions are not working for you, then try to connect the ring device manually using the app by following steps:

  1. Select the menu and click on the ring app.
  2. Click on the “Devices.”
  3. Choose the device of the ring which you need to connect.
  4. Select and click the “Device Health.”
  5. Click “Reconnect with WiFi.”
  6. You may also tap “Connect with WiFi” if you are using the network for the first time.

The ring of the doorbell has lost the connection

If your WiFi has unintentionally turned off your device will lose the connection. One of the reasons for this issue may be that other devices are connected with wifi.

Check the following:

  • Make sure that the wires are properly connected to your device and modem.
  • Check the circuit to confirm that if someone has turned off the switch.
  • Check for the light of power on your doorbell. If it is off, then the doorbell has lost power and therefore has no connection.


If the ring doorbell is not connecting to wifi. There may be an issue with the power supply. Or it might be due to the poor wifi connection. If you have changed the wifi password it can also cause a problem.

Firstly check your power breaker, then have a look at your wifi connection.it will help you resolve this issue.

Ring doorbell not connecting to wifi

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