Ring doorbell installation without existing doorbell

Ring doorbell installation without existing doorbell. Nowadays, there is a wide range of intelligent video doorbells on the market, and many of these can connect to the existing wiring of your doorbell.

In that case, if you do not have any doorbell?

Don’t be afraid! An intelligent doorbell’s added convenience and security even if you don’t have any existing wiring. Here’s you know how to set up a ring doorbell without an existing doorbell.

Ring doorbell installation without existing doorbellring doorbell installation without existing doorbell 2021

Assemble your tools

A screwdriver, screws, a charging cord (if needed), and installation instructions are included in every ring doorbell kit.

While removing your old doorbell, you’ll need a box cutter or a flathead screwdriver.

If you’re screwing your Ring Doorbell into brick or stucco, you’ll also need a drill to complete the installation.

Battery should be charged

Locate the battery and connect it to electricity using the supplied charging wire once your Ring has been unboxed.

Hold the storm against a vertical flat surface (such as a wall); in the meanwhile, the battery is pushed out from the wall and falls into your palm, thanks to gravity.

When you connect the battery, a red and green light should show that it is charging. Be patient as charging can take between four to six hours.

The red light will turn off when the battery is fully charged, and you’ll have the green light to start the installation.


You can skip this step if you’re installing the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Make an internet connectionmake an internet connection

You need to download the ring app and see instructions on the screen for connecting the doorbell to your home’s WIFI network.

You can access any kind of information, and the entire process will be completed within ten minutes, while the setting up and connecting are typically included in this.

Power off and remove the old doorbell

The breaker box is generally found in the garage, basement, or at the back of a house; go there and turn off your doorbell’s power. Because you’ll be working with uncovered wire, and this is for your safety.

To remove the screws under your old doorbell’s faceplate, use a screwdriver or boxcutter and remove the old doorbell by releasing the screws and removing the wires.

Doorbell wires should be looped around screws inside the old doorbells, so take care not to harm them by pulling too hard on this portion of the installation process.

Determine where the mounting bracket will be installedring doorbell bracket mount

  • Only a hole remained in the wall where your previous doorbell had once stood, essential, and there should be two wires hanging where we left them in the first step, so check that. The mounting bracket is now ready to be attached, and the project is complete.
  • The next step is to place the unit against the wall, such that it sits against the hole, and it is important to double-check the doorbell’s positioning before you complete the installation.
  • Hold your Ring Doorbell up against the surface over the hole in the same spot where you’re going to mount it. Check the picture on your phone to make sure you’re getting the angle you want.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can tilt the camera up, down, left or right, and use the appropriate level tool once you’ve chosen a location.
  • Make sure the mounting bracket is straight, and after that, mark the locations where you’ll drill new screw holes with a pencil or marker. Now you will be able to exit the level.

The mounting Bracket should be attached

  • If you need an angled mount, then firstly attach it, but if you don’t require angled support, you can simply screw the mounting bracket into the wall hole.
  • When mounting the doorbell to brick or stucco, don’t forget to use a masonry drilling bit. Screws will be held in place with the help of white plastic anchors. Push the anchors when the holes have been made with drilling.
  • Also, avoid overtightening screws while attaching the mounting bracket. This can cause the part to bend, which is inconvenient because it makes it difficult to return the doorbell to its original position.
  • The ring video doorbell is now ready to be placed on top of the mounting bracket. You’ll hear a click and use a little force here to ensure the doorbell device is firmly clicked and snapped into position.


In this article, we discussed ring doorbell installation without an existing doorbell. So, It is possible to start using your Ring Doorbell immediately after connecting it to your Wi-Fi network (during setup).

Configure and change the Ring Doorbell app’s parameters, such as the motion sensor range, as necessary to fit your requirements.

In addition, you may use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to operate the doorbell using voice commands.

Ring doorbell installation without existing doorbell

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