Refrigerator stopped running no sound

Refrigerator stopped running no sound. The sound comes from the compressor, so if you hear no sound coming from the fridge, not even a gentle hum from it, then the compressor is your culprit.

The condenser coils can be dirty too. The fridge box and the door are not contacting properly.

One day my fridge stopped making sounds. The fridge was quite as it could get. The fridge was quietly giving hints of its faults as a coming storm. I was worried about the fridge being so quiet.

I contacted my fridge brand and asked why the fridge was not making any noise. Well, noise aside, the fridge was not working either, and that made me more worried.

The brand helpers told me about the compressor and other fridge issues. I fixed my fridge to bring its sound back.

Refrigerator stopped running no sound

Having a fridge in smooth cooling mode is the best, but the fridge makes a sound while working, which is like an indication of the fridge working, but sometimes all sounds from the fridge stop, and the fridge don’t work either.

If your fridge is not making noise, then your fridge is definitely facing problems. Your fridge not working accompanies the silence.

The fridge doesn’t make any sound and doesn’t work if the fridge is not on. The fridge doesn’t have any working if the compressor is not working.

Compressor issues are related to the sound, and without the compressor, no sound will be produced. Other soundness issues are below.

Unplugged fridge

unplugged fridge

Check your fridge if no sound is coming from it and see if the fridge is working or not. The first issue is related to the fridge’s power.

If your fridge is not working and not making any sound either, then both these problems point to the fridge’s power at first.

The fridge needs power, and there’s a plug in the fridge that is connected to the outlets to bring power.

Check the plug of your fridge and see if the fridge is actually plugged in. Check the outlet or follow the cord and see if the plug is inside the outlet.

If the plug is placed in the outlet, then skip this and if not, then take the plug of the fridge and insert the fridge’s plug into a nearby outlet. You can choose other outlets if you want.

Off/faulty switch

If you have plugged the outlet and still no sound comes from the fridge, then your switch can be the issue. There are two cases in the switch issues. Either the switch is just off, or it is faulty.

I hope it’s just off. Check the outlet of the fridge for this. If the outlet of the switch is not on, then you are lucky. You can just turn the switch on the outlet, and the power from there will be restored.

If your fridge’s outlet is not on, then you are going to face a few problems. The fridge can have a faulty plug. If your plug is faulty, then you can replace the fridge’s plug.

The plug can be replaced for the fridge by yourself. You can get the fridge’s plug replaced by someone. Replacing the fridge’s plug can bring the sound and work back.

Faulty outlet

faulty outlet

Staying on the power issues, the faulty plug has been fixed, but your fridge hasn’t made any sound, and even the switch is on. Then you may have a problem with the outlet.

The outlet brings power to the plug, and the power makes the fridge produce sounds.

If you haven’t found any fault in the plug of the fridge, then your outlet may be the faulty thing in your fridge’s power process.

If you are not sure about the outlet being faulty, don’t worry. You test the outlet of the fridge and know if it is faulty or not through a multimeter.

You can check the outer with a  multimeter or even just hug the fridge in another outlet to test if it is working.

If the fridge works after being inserted into another outlet, then you can use the working outlet. Instead of this, you can replace the outlet and fix it to use the same one.

Breaker Malfunction

breaker malfunction

Well, you are going to be shaken if you cannot get the fridge to work, even if you have tried another outlet.

If you have been shaken enough through the outlets and the plugs, then you are going to feel déjà vu because the issue of the sound is related to the power again. This may be the last power relating issue so stay calm.

If the outlet and plugs have disappointed you, try checking the power from behind your outlets.

By behind, I don’t mean to say check the wires yet, but check the breaker or the main board where the breakers are present.

The breakers may be off or trapped, depending on the power. You can restore the power by just turning the breakers. The sound will be regained if the power is the fridge’s issue. If not, check the compressor.

Compressor faults

compressor faults

If you are done with the power issues and have stopped shaking, then you can move to the main sound and the not working issue. The main reason the sound disappears is because of the compressor.

A compressor in the fridge is what cause sounds to be made in the fridge. The sounds are made because the compressor uses power and works in a noisy way.

The gentle humming is in the new fridges, showing the fridge working through its compressor. The compressor of the fridge is of great importance.

If you think that the compressor is making a sound a sound because of its faults, then you may be right.

However, you will have to check the compressor even if you don’t think it’s causing the fridge not to work and produce no sounds.

Check the compressor after you power the fridge off from behind. You can take the compressor ut pretty easily by opening the fridge and getting the fridge’s compressor professional.

The professional would check your compressor and fix it if the compressor was actually faulty. Get the compressor attached to the fridge and turn the fridge on after that. It’ll work.

Other issues

other issues

The compressor was one thing, and power was another, but there are other uncommon reasons for the fridge not working and also it not producing sounds.

The reason for the fridge not producing sound includes its coils. You have checked the compressor but not the condenser. Maybe the condenser coils are the culprit.

The fridge also has circuitry and wires inside it that can get faulty, so keep that in check if your fridge doesn’t produce sound and doesn’t work.

The door of your fridge may have been left open, and that can be causing it sometimes.


If your fridge doesn’t look like it’s working and you can’t hear any sound from your fridge, then the power is going to shake you like in the breaker.

You can check the compressor at first go as it usually sounds, and the compressor comes together. Get professional help. Thanks for reading!

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