Ge refrigerator water filter light won’t reset

Ge refrigerator water filter light won’t reset. We frequently hear that the filter change light of the freezer is not off and is still on after installing the new filter. Customers feel that the new filter is faulty Because the indicator light is on.

There are very rare chances that a newly purchased filter is faulty. Alternatively, the most usual causes are that the replacement light requires resetting. It is suggested to you that you change the water filter every 3 to 6 months or when the signal light is on.

But, some change filter lights also measure the movement of water and suggest replacing the filter. There are three lights, red, yellow, and green lights which tell the condition of the filter.

If your GE refrigerator water filter light doesn’t reset, then follow the below steps to fix the problem.

Ge refrigerator water filter light won’t reset

ge refrigerator water filter light won't reset

A few days ago, I changed the water filter of the refrigerator, but the light won’t reset and still was on the unit.

Firstly, I thought the new filter was defective, due to which the light was not turning off and still demanding to replace the filter.

I shared my query with one of my friends then he told me that there are very less chances of fault in a new filter.

If that annoying light is on and there is no fault in the new filter, then you should follow the following steps to reset the water filter light.

1. Replacing the water filter on the refrigerator

The first thing to do when you see that the filter change light is on then replace the filter.

  • Ensure that when you purchased the filter, its seal was in proper condition.
  • Check that there is no leak or crack present on the new filter.
  • If you see that it is gripping something, then withdraw it and start over.
  • Be careful when replacing the filter because very less force is required to install it.
  • Do not clear the threads from the filter because, after some time, it will not make a good attachment to the receiver.
  • If it is not installed accurately, then you can use a very little quantity of plumbers’ grease but make sure that it does not enter into the water line or filter because it will change the taste of the water.

2. Resetting the filter change light

resetting the filter change light

In new models of the Ge refrigerators, timers are installed, which replace the color of the light depending on time.

These light keeps telling the condition of the filter and also informs the user what the filter is doing.

  • Color Guide

Mostly there are three colors of lights that blink on display.

  • Green

When the green light is on then it means that the water filter is new and it is working accurately. There is no need to replace it.

  • Yellow

It shows that the life span of the filter is halfway to its expiry.

  • Red

ge refrigerator water filter light won't reset 2022

When the red light is on then, you can replace the filter. Normally the red light is on after 3 to 6 months, but it varies in different models of the filter.

Replace the filter because the quality of drinking water is decreasing now.

After you install the new filter in the refrigerator, now it’s time to change the signal light. Press and grip both the auto and dispenser lock buttons till the water filter signal lights flash.

Now press and hold the restart button for 10 seconds, and the signal will reset.

3. Flush the water in the filter

After you install the new water filter in the refrigerator, then it is very necessary to flush 4 to 5 gallons of water through the filter. It will clean the particles of carbon from the inside.

If you flush the water, then no particles will float in the drinking water. Greetings because now you have fixed the issue without hiring someone.


The final words of this article are the normal life span of the water filter is 3 to 6 months. If you see that the red light is on, then replace the filter.

There are very less chances that a new filter is defective, so if the light is still flashing, then press and grip the re-set switch for 10 seconds. Hopefully, your issue will be solved.

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