Kenmore elite refrigerator error codes

Kenmore elite refrigerator error codes. Error codes in the Kenmore elite refrigerator are to provide us with information on the error. They help us. We can decide on the solution after getting knowledge of the problem.

My Kenmore was misbehaving and showing ciphers that I didn’t know. At that time, I called customer care, and they told me to study the user manual. And after studying, I solved my errors. It wasn’t easy. There wasn’t much explanation.

I write this to help others with problems like me. You may have difficulty with the guide. I made it easy for people to understand. So keep reading!

Kenmore elite refrigerator error codes

kenmore elite refrigerator error codes

You will face icing sensor errors with time. Poor defrosting will have problems. The freezer sensor has its own sign.

The communication being disrupted is also displayed as a problem. The freezer motor fan is also problematic. The same is for the ice-making fan.

Errors are differentiated by their code number. But no fix to them is present. You need professionals. To save money, fixes are written by me.

Mechanic room fan will give issue. The fridge sensor is different from the freezing sensor and has errors.

Details with the fix are below.

Er 1F/1f

For more than 144 seconds, the mainboard didn’t receive any feedback signal from the icing fan motor. It’s present near the section that makes ice.

It provides cold air to the freezer. Usually, removing the power supply till the capacitor discharges works. It only takes 5 min.

It will reappear if the icing fan is not functioning. Suppose an error returns after resetting the power. Ice may have been formed around the housing fan.

That ice makes it stuck and not function. Remove the fan cover and let it stay off for 24 hours. Ice will melt, and Soon the fan can work properly.


er ff

This code shows the failure of the evaporator fan. The fan motor goes out of order and doesn’t work. The control board doesn’t work either.

The problem is because of the wire harness. It can get damaged and doesn’t allow work.

The evaporator fan needs complete replacements. You may repair minor fan damage. But the motor can’t be repaired if the coil is fried.

The power control board may be repaired, but it usually requires replacement. Wiring harness damage is repairable, and you need to have a new wire harness. Make sure the new isn’t damaged like the old.


This error is for failing to freeze the fan and sensor. The freezing fan motor doesn’t work. The control boards lose functionality. This problem is because of wire harnesses too. The damaged harness doesn’t work or allow work.

The sensor of the freezing fan and the motor need replacement. The sensor is not repairable. The motor cant is repaired either. The power control is better replaced, but you can repair it.

Wires can be removed and swapped with new ones. However, you will need to be careful. The wire harness is easy to replace. After reading the manual, you will know.


The refrigerator sensor doesn’t respond. It doesn’t detect either. The connector won’t function, and the wires won’t allow flow. The wires can get damaged because of too much current and from external damage too.

The connectors fail because of wires too.

The thermistor of the fridge needs to be replaced. The main control boar is the main cause of all sensor failures. To replace or fix the main control board.

Change the thermistor after that. The wiring harness or the connectors may need replacement too. The connectors may not connect, so tighten them and connect them. Use screwdrivers.


kenmore elite refrigerator error codes 2022

The humidity level isn’t being detected or is wrong. This usually happens because the humidity sensor fails. Short wiring may affect the sensor and doesn’t allow it to work. But usually, the sensor doesn’t work itself.

The sensor and wiring need complete replacement. The wiring doesn’t work because of the harness damage while the sensor is fried. The sensor may have to do something with a control board too.

Check it if the humidity sensor doesn’t work. Try restarting the device, it may work. You may need to check the humidity level because it might be a humidity problem.


The sensor is most common in all fridges, so try to check the sensors on the first go and then the board. If they are all okay, you should check the wiring.

Use guides and take professional help if needed.

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