Refrigerator damper not opening

The cure for the refrigerator damper not opening and getting stuck is the replacement of the damper. You cannot fix the damper, but you can fix the fridge.

A damper is a mini door that helps the cool air flow in the fridge. It stops the compartment from freezing. It’s controlled by a thermostat.

My compartment froze, and the expert told me that the damper is stuck. I asked the way to fix the damper, but he said a damper could not be repaired.

The damper is fixed by replacement. I didn’t know the way to replace the damper but learned it from the guide and google.

I followed the steps carefully, but the steps were tough. I have simplified the same steps for you. The steps will show the damper replacement easily. Let’s see more.

Refrigerator damper not opening

refrigerator damper not opening

The air damper allows the cool air flow that makes the fridge cool equally. If the damper gets stuck, the compartment freezes. The air flows from the freezer portion to the fridge portion.

If the damper gets stuck and doesn’t open, the cool air will not reach the fridge. This will cause no cooling in the fridge portion.

If the damper is just stuck, you may try to loosen it, but usually, stuck dampers need replacement. Also, replace if the damper is broken.

You need a new damper immediately, or the fridge condition will get worse. It affects the cooling, so the food in the fridge will not be safe and becomes inedible.


refrigerator damper not opening 2022

Damper testing is very easy. There is an air vent at the back. You need to find the vent. After finding the vent, put your hands exactly covering but not touching the vent.

The damper is present inside the vent. When the air flows from the evaporation, the damper works by opening to complete the flows and closes when enough air has passed through.

If your hand isn’t feeling the slightest airflow, that means the damper isn’t open. It may be stuck after getting close. You can try to move it, so it isn’t stuck anymore.

But before you move the damper, check the evaporator fan. Make sure the coils of the evaporator fan aren’t frozen. If frozen, try pulling the vent out with your hands. Then move the air damper after the vent has been removed.

If the damper isn’t moving even after removing the vent, then that means the vent isn’t frozen, but it’s just stuck. A professional will only help you with a stuck damper. It probably needs a new one. The problem can be the motor too.



Turn the breakers to shut power. You don’t want an electrical shock while fixing it. Do it before any problem. Now find the damper. Check the back wall or on the top of the fridge as it’s usually there.

Sometimes the housing needs to be removed before the damper can be reached.

This happens in some models, otherwise just remove the damper. Remove the vent carefully. The vent can get damaged, and the dampness problem will also add to the vent problem to it.

The guide shows the way to remove the damper from the fridge. Read it. The wires connected to the old damper need to be removed. Remove the wires from the damper or cut them from the damper.

Peel the wires to reach the copper and then attach the new damper to the peeled wires. Connecting the connectors is important.

Connect them to the damper and make sure the damper has connectors before fitting it back. After fitting the damper, place the vent back on it. Now turn the power by breakers.

Check the damper again by putting your hands in front of it. If it doesn’t work, use the steps again to reopen it. Follow the steps in a loop if it isn’t working. Hire a professional. The problem won’t remain.


Replace the damper in case it’s stuck and doesn’t move from a single position. Both open and closed, stuck damper is a problem.

If the damper doesn’t open, the temperature won’t be cooled because no cool air enters from the damper. Try replacing by reading the guide or article. Professional help is better if you aren’t knowledgeable.

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