How to get roaches out of refrigerator motor

How to get roaches out of refrigerator motor. Using baking soda and sugar is a basic cockroach ridding technique. Having vinegar at hand for cockroach removal is pretty handy.

Keeping your fridge clean is a great idea. The cleaner the fridge, the lesser the roaches will invade it. Repellents for roaches are useful too.

I got surprised to see roaches in my fridge after returning from just a week’s trip.

It made me regret letting my friend stay at my house as the house was filled with roaches and other insects just because the food was everywhere and not clean. My fridge had roaches in it, and sickness was on its way.

The food in the fridge was taken out by me after wearing gloves, as it was bad. After having such a waste, I fixed my roach problem and removed all the bugs.

How to get roaches out of refrigerator motor

Having your fridge being invaded by roaches is not just the waste of food, but it also brings you disease with the waste. Getting rid of the roaches is a must task.

The roaches won’t leave on their own. The storing of the food should be proper, and it should be handled properly.

The best rid of the roaches is to clean the fridge and take the food that made them come. Using repellents to keep the roaches out of the fridge is a great idea. You can store the food in the fridge in containers to avoid roaches from getting on it.

Leftovers and dirt

leftovers and dirt

The first thing that causes the problem of roaches in your fridge is its cleanliness.

The majority of the roaches tend to go after the leftovers of the food rather than new food, as the dirt and the leftovers of the food are an instinct that is present in them.

The instinct drives the roaches to get the dirty food that you can see in the toilets.

The roaches live in dirty places, and they go for dirty things as well. The leftovers on the floor and the dirt compels them to attack the fridge and get a bite at the least.

If you have a fridge that has leftover food inside it and there is supposedly residue of food scattered in the fridge, then your fridge is targeted because of that.

The roach infestation is probably because you didn’t take out the trash in the fridge. If you have not taken out the trash, then you need to take it out fast.

The roaches won’t go away until the fridge is clean. You need to clean the fridge and take all the leftovers out. Dispose of the leftovers of the food properly.

Open areas

open areas

Getting the leftovers out of the fridge is the starting trick and a simple roach ridding prevention.

The areas where cockroaches enter are dark and dirty, so the place through which the roaches enter the fridge should also be dark.

The dark places in the motor should be the first place the roaches enter. The open areas are not just in the motor, but other cracks and gaps in the fridge are responsible for it too.

Check the motor of the fridge and other dark areas through which the roaches can enter. Check for gaps in the fridge and cracks that can be the reason for the roaches entering the fridge.

If you see the fridge’s motor and the gaps, the reason for the roach invasion, then clear the gaps and make them close. Get the cracks fixed and close the fridge’s open area.

Food containers

food containers

The other trick to not let your food get attacked by the roaches is to use containers. Good is sensed by the roaches, and the sense of the roaches leads the roaches to the food.

The improper storage of food makes the roaches get to the food easily. The food in an open fridge is a target for the roaches and, after sensing the roaches, reach the food very quickly.

The cracks and gaps don’t attract the roaches, but the food does.

If you are storing food in our fridge, then the food should be properly organized in the fridge. Instead of putting the food directly into the fridge, containers that can store the food should be used and made common.

The containers are not open for the odor of the food to spread, and dreaming in the containers won’t attract the roaches, and even if roaches enter the fridge, the containers will keep the food safe from them as they won’t be able to touch the food.

Baking soda

baking soda

If the roaches haven’t gotten away even after getting the container and clearing the cracks in the fridge, then your roach problem needs to be gotten rid of through other tricks.

The other trick involved in getting rid of the roaches is using things that can repel the roaches and even kill them.

The first thing to repel the roaches is to use baking soda. Baking soda is already a well-known repellent that is natural. You can use baking soda in different ways.

You can use the baking soda powder to be directly used as a repellent. You can get all the bugs in one go by using baking soda. The baking soda can be placed inside the fridge by sprinkling the powder and laying a baking soda trap.

You can also use sugar with baking soda and use sugar as bait to attract the roaches to the baking soda and get rid of them. Though baking soda isn’t going to kill much, as a repellent, baking soda will be the best one.



Unlike baking soda, borax is not to be used by just sprinkling. However, borax will be a better killer than baking soda. Borax is not used alone either, as it won’t be able to attract the roaches.

Thus the borax is made into a mixture instead of a solo attack. The mixture of borax is used with sugar.

Sugar in baking soda is not as important as in a borax mixture. Borax won’t only repel the roaches, but will the roaches too.

You just need to make a mixture of borax and sugar. You don’t need to add too much sugar to it. Sugar that can attract the roaches is enough to get rid of them.

Place the mixture of borax and sugar in a place where you have already noticed the roaches. The borax and sugar mixture will kill the roaches instantly, and you won’t have to wait for the roaches to die in another place.


Using repellents that have been manufactured for roaches is a great repelling trick. You can get professional repellents and keep the roaches from coming to your fridge.

Using the repellent outside the fridge will not let the roaches get near the fridge either.

If you are using the repellents inside the fridge, then use containers to cover the food, and this especially goes for killers.

Having insecticides inside your fridge is dangerous. Using the fridge with home remedies that are repellent and killers is better. Peppermint is good but still use the containers for food.


How to get roaches out of refrigerator motor. If you have a roach problem on your fridge, then the pain of throwing your food and being disgusted is what you are facing.

You need to repel the roaches and even kill them to save your food. Using repellents and keeping the fridge clean should be made common. Thanks for reading!

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