How to clean refrigerator coils whirlpool

How to clean refrigerator coils whirlpool. A refrigerator is an electrical appliance that is used to store food in a cool place. Food and water remain fresh for a long time in it without destruction.

A fridge produces freezing in all the compartments due to which all the things become cool, and we can enjoy them in hot summer.

A fridge, you know, is a large container, so it stores a lot of food, but it demands proper maintenance after a week or 15 days so that all its parts work accurately.

Frozen ice must be removed from the evaporator fan, and dust from its coils should be cleaned so that cold air can circulate easily.

The condenser coils are an important part of the fridge because they flow the cooling system inside the unit.

So If dust and other debris make a layer on it, then it will affect the coolness and also increases the power bills.

How to clean refrigerator coils whirlpoolhow to clean refrigerator

If you want to increase the life span of your fridge, then it is very important to clean all its parts from inside and outside at a regular time.

If you do not take care of your electrical appliance, then its life will start decreasing.

Following are some ways to clean the refrigerator coils.

Switch off the power

Before starting to clean coils, the first and most important thing to do is switch off the supply of power to save yourself from the electric shock.

A refrigerator produces a high voltage current, and if you will, unfortunately, touch its wires, then it is not good for your safety.

It is better to pull out the plug from the outlet, or the best way is to switch off the circuit breaker in the kitchen.

Separate the grill panel

The next thing to do is separate the grill panel that locks up the coils.

The position of these condenser coils varies with the model; in some models, they are installed at the front, and some are at the back of the unit.

It is an easy way to remove it. Just press your hands on the panel and pull it out to your side.

Clean the coilsclean the coils

You can clean the coils with different things, like a soft dry brush or a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is best in this case because it sucks dust from all sides and cleans the coils completely.

A soft brush is also good if you do not have a vacuum cleaner; it depends on you how you want to clean them easily.

You should clean the surface area and the grill. Remove all the debris and clogs from the coils carefully without damaging them.

Clean out all the area in such a way that it remains clean from all dust and other debris for a while.

Put the grill back

After cleaning all the condenser coils from dust, put the grill back in its place. Make sure that the knob of the corner should fit t its original place.

You will hear a sound of click if it’s fitted back to its original place.

Switch on the power

When the grills are placed back in their original place, switch o the power from the circuit breaker and plug in the refrigerator.

You will observe that the cooling is increased after the cleaning of the condenser coils completely.

Use of vinegar and alcohol solution

If you have thick stains and dust which are not been removed from the vacuum cleaner, then another best way to get rid of this dust from coils is that add some amount of vinegar and alcohol to a bottle and shake them well.

After this, spray this on the coils and leave it for some time to set the solution on the. After a while, clean the coils from a soft fabric and wipe to dry that area.


It is very important to make a schedule for cleaning the condenser coils if you want to increase the life span of your refrigerator and food items inside it because the debris and other clogs make it difficult for coils to circulate the cooling system in all compartments of the fridge.

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