LG refrigerator temperature control problem

LG refrigerator temperature control problem. Refrigerators are the most used part of the kitchen because they are used to store food items and leftover stuff.

So people put an extra effort while choosing refrigerators that don’t get faulty and prefer buying refrigerators with the best possible temperature enhancement, as refrigerators are all about maintaining perfect temperature and the standard of living for years.

LG is the most reliable brand, especially if we talk about refrigerators. They are specially designed to make your life easier with their durable technology.

But they can still get faulty, and their system can go down. The most common problem that comes with LG refrigerators is their temperature.

If the temperature of your refrigerator goes down due to any reason, then it is going to be so disturbing because the main purpose of refrigerators is to cool down the food and maintain the temperature.

LG refrigerator temperature control problem

lg refrigerator temperature control problem

Supposes the LG refrigerator is not going to fulfill its main function. In that case, you are surely going to run for a professional that can help you set up the temperature.

Then we will ask you to stop because we are here to help you identify the causes, and then we will give you a guide that how you can set up the temperature.

Cooling Problems in Compartments

If your refrigerator has a double door, then this problem can lie in the compartments.

If your LG refrigerator is not cooling enough and throwing up the heat in the freezer, then this problem is caused because of airflow that is not getting a proper way to go out, and that happens because of the dead evaporator fan.


if you witness this problem, then for the solution purpose, you have to follow up a few steps.

  • Drag your refrigerator: Drag your refrigerator from its place so that you can identify the problem, and then you can remove the disturbing parts.
  • Pull out the back panel: after pulling your refrigerator out of its place, now pannel will be accessible, and now you have to simply remove the back panel.
  • Check the compressed: use a special kind of thermometer to identify if the compressor is working out properly or not. If you see that compressor is running properly, but it is not fulfilling its purpose of cooling properly, then it is possible that your compressor is failing and pumping the refrigerator. If your compressor is not working, then try to replace it.

Faulty Temperature Thermostat

faulty temperature thermostat

The thermostat is one of the biggest parts of the refrigerator that controls the power flow to the most important motors of the refrigerator. It controls the power flow to this motor.

  • Condenser fan
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator fan

The above motors play a big role in maintaining the LG refrigerator, and their power is supplied by the thermostat if that gets faulty, then it is going to disturb the whole temperature of the LG refrigerator.

If the thermostat will not work then it is surely going to affect the condenser fan, compressor, and evaporator fan. So to fix the process, you have to locate the thermostat first, and you can locate the unit.

After locating it, you have to test if it is working continuously or not, and if its knob is working properly or not; and if its knob is not working, then it is recommended that you should contact LG to get the replacement part.

When you are done getting your replacement part, then you have to replace it with the old one, but make sure to buy a replacement part that is the best match for your LG Model.

Reset Your LG refrigerator

The most common fix that you can probably do is to reset your LG refrigerator and check if resetting can solve problems. To reset your LG refrigerator you have to follow up on these steps.

  • The first step that you have to take is to remove the food supplies from the unit.
  • After removing food items, you have to remove the plug from the appliance.
  • Turn off the refrigerator twice.
  • Reset the unit and then set the temperature that you are comfortable with.

If resetting the LG refrigerator also doesn’t work, then make sure to call the professional LG support so that they can support you further.

Final Verdict

LG refrigerator temperature control problem. Refrigerators are one of the most useful areas of the kitchen, and LG refrigerators are the most reliable to choose from, but their long-lasting durability and reliability can still get faulty.

The most common issue that you can’t wait to get resolved is the problem of temperature. You just need the right amount of guidance so that you can fix the temperature by yourself.

But before that, you have to identify the cause; then you have to search out solutions that, luckily, we have provided common and important causes with their solutions above.

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