LG refrigerator error code cl

LG refrigerator error code cl. A refrigerator is a popular domestic appliance that is used in homes to preserve cold food items for a long time. It demands proper care. Otherwise, errors occur to it at different parts, which are sometimes difficult to understand.

There are different errors that happen to fridges, so their names are separated so that you can fix them easily. One of these errors is error cl.

If the error cl appears on the display screen of the control unit, then it means the refrigerant is leaking from the low-pressure side, leaking in the sealed system, and maybe it is due to the fault in the compressor of the fridge.

You can not fix these components because so don’t try to fix this error on your own because it is out of your information and experience.

You will have to hire an expert in refrigerators who will open the appliance from the backside, and then he will repair it.

LG refrigerator error code clrefrigerator error code cl

It is important to understand the cause of the error. If the error code appears on the screen, it will help you to fix it easily.

If error cl shows on the screen, then mostly it is due to the leakage in refrigerant in the sealed cooling system of the refrigerator.

Following are some reasons for this cause and also their solutions how can you fix it.

Refrigerant is leaking

In fridges, the main function of the cooling system is to absorb the warm heat and then take it outside the fridge from all the parts of the fridge.

It is achievable till that time when the cooling system will move around all parts of the appliance with maximum pressure.

Now, if you see the error cl is displaying on the control unit, then it means a hole has appeared in the tubing, which is said to be less pressure side of the refrigerant.refrigerant is leaking

This hole mostly arises due to rusting in the tube. The cooling system will not work properly now because it is no more sealed, and the cooling is leaking now.

As it is mentioned above, don’t try to fix it on your own rather, call some certified expert who will fix this problem.

The technician will find the actual point of leakage then the issue will be solved by sealing or repairing the tube.

Leakage from the evaporator

Error cl means that there is leakage in the low side cycle in the fridge, and on most occasions, it is due to the leakage in the evaporator of the cooling system.

You can not fix this issue by just following the steps because it is a very complicated error. You will have to contact a skillful expert in the electrical appliance to repair the damaged component.

Compressor is defective

A compressor is an important component of the refrigerator-sealed cooling process.

It is planned to operate the cooling system in all parts by circulating the pressure. Usually, the compressor has a long life, but it can also stop working if some fault occurs to it.

Mostly it stops working due to the pollutants and debris which make their way into the compressor and harm it from the inside. It also becomes defective due to power faults and old age.

It is a component of the refrigerant, so it can only be amended by a professional. After replacement of the faulty compressor error, cl will be disappeared from the display screen.

Flow of cooling system is limited

The cooling system in the refrigerators runs in the tubing and other parts in the sealed system. The cold air does not leak outside, due to which all the items in the fridges remain cool and fresh for a long time.

In the same way, the refrigerant also moves in the valves and filters to keep them cool and to work efficiently.

Now, you know that the cooling system in the fridge is sealed, and there is no chance of entrance of the pollutant and debris in the tubes.

If you have opened the refrigerant for some repairing, then it might be a chance of this that the containments make their way into the valves and tubes and block them, due to which flow of the cooling system is restricted. It will trigger the error code cl on the screen.

Once more, you will have to check the appliance with an expert to fix the issue so that refrigerant can flow back into the system easily.


An error code cl appears when there is an issue in the cooling system, so you will have to call a certified professional to solve the problem because you can not fix it on your own.

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