Price pfister kitchen faucet removal

Price pfister kitchen faucet removal. The faucet is the most used part of our home, and if we talk about kitchen faucets, then we all know that no open can function properly without kitchen faucets.

But sometimes, we all need a break from old kitchen faucets and to update them with new ones so that we can change the whole vibe of the kitchen faucet.

Well, if you are looking to change up your faucet and want to remove your faucet, then you are in the right place.

The removal process of faucets is almost the same for all models, but if you want to remove the Pfister kitchen faucet, then you need to follow up with a few easy methods.

You can remove your Pfister kitchen faucet without any professional help that will drain a heavy amount of money from your pocket in a few easy steps.

Price pfister kitchen faucet removal

price pfister kitchen faucet removal

Before starting the removal process of the Pfister kitchen faucet, you have to prepare yourself by arranging a few supplies that will make your removal process even more handy and easy.

Things you’ll need

  • pair of locking pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • faucet wrench
  • headlamp
  • long socket wrench
  • hacksaw
  • A bucket
  • Towel
  • lubricant spray
  • plumbers Greece

After you are done collecting all these supplies, you are ready to follow up an easy peasy process to remove your Pfister faucet.

Step 1: Empty the sink

The first step that you have to take is to empty the sink so that you can start your process smoothly without any obstacles disturbing the process.

You can also remove the p-trap as it will help you direct exposure to water valves.

Step 2: Shutting off the water valves

After emptying the sink, take a precautionary step by making sure to shut off the water valves.

  • Locate the water valves: you can open the water valves beside or down the faucet and turn them off by simply turning them; you can use an adjustable wrench to do the job. If you can’t locate the water shut-off valves around the Pfister faucet, then go down to your house basement or in the garage to turn off the main water supply valve.
  • Turning off hot water and cold water valves: make sure to Turn off both valves of hot water and cold water. You can locate them down the faucet and turn them off by slightly turning them off, but you can use an adjustable wrench if you find it difficult to turn them off.

Step 3: Place a Bucket

Don’t forget to place a bucket under your Pfister faucet as a precautionary measure to prevent your kitchen from the unwanted flood that can come up to mess up your kitchen while removing the Pfister faucet.

The bucket will catch up with excessive water, and you will get so much work done while getting slipped in your kitchen.

Step 4: Remove the spout

After shutting off the water successfully b, now the first thing that you have to remove is to remove the spout with the sprayer head.

The method of spout depends on the faucet type. You can simply pull down the spout by twisting and turning. It is a pretty straightforward process.

Step 5: Disconnect the Hoses

Use a locking pair of pliers or a basin wrench to disconnect the hose by removing the screws from the connector. Hoses are connected to a water supply and cartridges.

Keep in mind that some Pfister faucet models come with the hoses that are attached to the cartridges, so it really depends on the model number.

Step 6: Losing the nuts

Lose the nuts that are holding the Pfister faucet with the sink deck with the help of a basin wrench.

Step 7: Apply plumbing Greece

If nuts are stubborn enough that they are not lost easily, then the reason behind their stuckness is point to be a layer of mineral deposits or rust.

Apply a plumbing Greece or spray the nuts with lubricant and wait for 10 to 15 minutes to show the loosening helpers to show up their magic. After a few minutes now, you can simply remove them.

Step 8: Lifting the Pfister Faucet

lifting the pfister faucet

After successfully removing the nuts, now it’s time to lift the Pfister faucet that is connected to the sink deck by pulling it up.

If you are not planning to use the faucet again or reinstall it again, then it would be an easy step for you to remove the connection with the help of a hacksaw.

Step 9: Detaching parts of the Pfister faucet

After doing all the above steps successfully, now you are almost done removing your Pfister faucet. Now you can simply detach all the parts of the Pfister faucet.

Step 10: Clean the Mess

The final step is to clean out the sink and all the mess that is made during the removal process.


Price pfister kitchen faucet removal. Removing the Pfister kitchen faucet is a straightforward process, but you can do it without a good amount of instruction and a DIY guide.

After following the above steps, you will be able to remove your Pfister kitchen faucet without any professional help and can save yourself from the heavy draining money that you have to pay to a professional plumber.

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