Delta faucet sprayer quick disconnect

Delta faucet sprayer quick disconnect. Delta has a lot of the most serviceable varieties of faucets but sometimes and many known delta faucets come with the faucet sprayer that is most efficient to use a lot of times.

But sometimes the presence of a faucet sprayer can disturb you, and you want to remove it, or your delta faucet sprayer hose gets merged with the faucet, and the faucet stops flowing water.

If you simply want to replace your faucet with the new one without the sprayer faucet, then you dropped at the very right place.

In this article, we are going to describe in detail how you can quickly disconnect the delta faucet sprayer. You don’t need to call a plumber because if you will follow the right amount of instructions, then you can surely do it yourself by saving a lot of money and time.

Before starting the faucet, it is recommended to keep yourself mindful of the relationship between Delta Faucet and the sprayer hose.

Delta faucet sprayer quick disconnect

delta faucet sprayer quick disconnect

If we talk about the water line, then the water line is connected with the faucet, and there is not a direct connection between the water supply with the sprayer hose.

Now, if you are thinking about that, what connects the sprayer hose with the water, or if the question that comes to your mind that how the sprayer hose gets water.

The answer is that there is a little diverter which is located inside the faucet, diverter connects the water supply from the faucet to the sprayer hose, and the diverter starts working only when the sprayer hose is turned on.

If the diverter cracks down, then there would be no water left in one of the faucets. Leakage can happen when the sprayer hose or faucet diverter is not fit in properly.

Before getting into the disconnection, you have to gather the easiest tool and identify the type of faucet so that you can start your process smoothly.

Identifying the Type of Faucet

Check and identify that what is the type of your faucet by examining the types that are described below.

  • The faucet with only one handle and one sprayer, which is mostly called a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet.
  • The faucet taps twice the same as the sprayer, and this type of faucet is called a Pullout kitchen faucet with a single handle.
  • The third type is a kitchen faucet with double handles, and this type of faucet comes with two valves. One with the hot water and the other with the cold water, and you can locate the valve straight up on the sink.

Things You’ll Need

After identifying the type of your faucet, now it’s time to start the fixing process, and you’ll need these things to start the process.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Buckets

Disconnection Process

if you will follow these steps and instructions, then you will be able to successfully disconnect the delta faucet sprayer.

Step 1: Shutting off the Water Supply Valve

The very first step that you are going to take is to turn off the valve that is supplying water to the faucets and the sprayer after shutting off the valve, there is still water left in the sprayer or the pipelines, and to remove that water, drain the water through the sprayer.

Step 2: Disconnection of Sprayer Hose

The disconnection process for the sprayer hose is the same for all 3 types of delta faucets.

To start this process, first, you have to locate the opening tube, and an opening tube is located below the counter. Then check up on the sprayer hose that is connected with the opening tube.

If a clip is clamping the sprayer hose, then remove the clip but make sure to keep it in a secure place because you are going to use it later.

Step 3: Placing the Bucket down

Place the bucket down the faucet drain because when you disconnect the delta faucet sprayer, then the excess will drop down onto your floor and makes a mess, so to prevent yourself from making such a mess, it is recommended to put down the bucket so excess water will drops in the bucket without creating any mess.

Step 4: Vacating the head of the sprayer

If your faucet is a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with a single handle or Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, then use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nut and move them in the anti-clockwise direction and till lose the head from the hose as well.

And for Pullout kitchen faucets, the method of vacating the head of the sprayer is that you have to check if the sprayer is directed to the head or not, and if connected, then remove the connection by releasing it.

After this, simply pull out the connection hose.

Step 5: Checking Leakage

checking leakage

After doing the above step now, it’s time to check if the sprayer is leaking and also examine whether the sprayer head is rusted or not.

If the sprayer hose is leaking, then you have to replace it.

Step 6:  Detaching Back

if everything is fine and then detach everything by simply reversing the process, and you are good to go.


Delta faucet sprayer quick disconnect. Now it’s time to turn back the water supply and start running water through the faucet to examine whether it is still leaking or not.

If you witness any leaks, then to stop that leak, it is recommended to use silicon glue on the affected area to repair it.

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