Plumbing a double vanity

Plumbing a double vanity. Double sink vanities can make double space for your limited bathroom or if you want a separate faucet for the adults and separate for kids then plumbing double vanity is going to be a good idea.

you are shifting to a new apartment, and expenses are not cooperating with you, and you don’t want the extra expense of calling a plumber to install your double vanity. Then you need instruction and we are here to give you the right amount of instructions, and with the right type of guidance, you can surely do it yourself by following these steps

Plumbing a double vanity

plumbing a double vanity


It is going to be a big project, and you need a few extra skills to do this; it is recommended that if you feel stuck anyway, then call the plumber for professional help to save yourself from an excessive loss that you can make while plumbing your vanity by yourself with very less knowledge.

If you are planning to shift your double vanity into your new apartment, then make sure that you secure your double vanity with plastic wrap.

If you invest in savings blankets, then it will help you prevent your vanity from getting scratched or damaged.

You have to collect a few supplies, and you can get them from any plumbing store.

Supplies You Will Need

  • 2 Faucets
  • Measuring tape
  • P-Trap
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Adjustable pair of pliers
  • Tee and extensions
  • 4-foot tier
  • double sink drain assemblies
  • 2 double shut-off valves
  • Crosscut and hacksaw
  • tap accessories
  • tee


It is going to be a quite tricky process, but if you follow the right amount of instructions, then you can simply do the job by doing it yourself

Make a Proper Plumbing Plan

first, you have to make your plans that how you want to install your double vanity and if you want them to share the common drain, but it is recommended to install a sink with almost 25 to 30 inches write between their centers because most of the times people think that this is an ideal requirement for plumbing double vanity.

Joining channel

Join the channel gathering to each sink before you introduce it in the unit. It’s likewise simpler to introduce every faucet on the off chance that you rush it to the sink decking with the clutch supplied with it before you introduce the sink.

Use handyman’s clay to seal the channel get-together around the sink basin bowl.

Introduce a Tee joining a sink

Focus on the air pocket by holding one end against the opening of the drain .use measuring tape to start measuring the level that crosses between the drainage system of two sinks.

This is the place where you will introduce a tee to join the sink channels to a typical P-trap. Then you have to measure the distance from the backend of one drain to the backend of the other drain.

Plumbing 90 degrees of the elbow

Now start cutting the backends using the hacksaw from each drain down vertically .then at both the backends, plumb an elbow with the measuring of 90 degrees that fits accordingly.

Connect tees with both elbows but make sure that they have proper length.

Division of tailpieces

Connects the power supply of the tee with the fronts of the P-trap by connecting channels that divide the ends.

Remove the water supply valve

remove the water supply valve

Now it’s time to remove the single valves that were providing water on different levels from hot to low and replace them with double-outlet valves that can adjust two stretchy hoses.

Connect each faucet properly, and at the end-use, pair of adjustable pliers to tighten all the things that you have to connect so far by cross-checking things.


Drain fittings are compressed in the form that you tighten them using your hands but make sure that after plumbing your double vanity successfully, every single is tightened and holding tightly and there is no leakage in there and if your double vanity is leaking from any side then use adjustable pliers to tighten that leak.


Double vanities are a good upgrade for your washroom or toilets, and if you are DIYer, then it is going to be an interesting project for you but make sure to read and follow the above instruction to prevent your double vanity during the plumbing process from getting damaged or scratched.

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