How to clean porcelain sink scratches

How to clean porcelain sink scratches. Porcelain sinks are known for their longevity as they are so durable that if you use them with care, then they work perfectly for about 15 years which means that they are strong enough to stay up for this long.

And they are made up of porcelain metal substances that make them look sleek. But what if you lose its standout because of scratches on it and now they are not looking good and disturbing the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom.

Then no one wants to replace them, all you have to do is just fix the problem.

You don’t even need to call the plumber or professionals who can help you get rid of porcelain sink scratches. you just need a good amount of instructions and you have to collect a few things and then you can do it yourself.

How to clean porcelain sink scratchesclean porcelain sink scratches

Things You’ll Need

  • Baking soda: Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and helps to remove the stains and scratches that are not too deep.
  • Drain Plug: If your sink already doesn’t have a drain plug then you need one.
  • Rubber Gloves: rubber gloves will help you prevent your hands from baking soda as baking soda mixture is a poison for hands and it will make your hands dry if you will dry use it without wearing rubber gloves.
  • Soft scrubbing pads: You will need soft scrubbing pads because scratches can’t be removed with one wipe, you have to scrub them using soft scrubbing pads.
  • A sponge: A sponge is needed to clear the scratches and is used for dabbing
  • Bleach: Bleech is a cleaning agent with very strong powers. It will help you clear the scratches more efficiently.

Cleaning Process of Porcelain scratches

After gathering all the required stuff now it’s time to start the cleaning process for your porcelain sink. All you have to do is to follow a few easy steps and instructions to keep your sink scratch-free.

Step 1. Plugging Drain Hole

As you have to fill the sink with water, the first step that you have to take is to plug the drain hole and while plugging the drain hole make sure to secure it tightly enough that it can’t get displaced.

Step 2. Pour water into the sink

after plugging the drain hole now is time to fill your sink with water to prevent your kitchen or bathroom from any type of flood, it is recommended to use the faucet to fill up the water and fill the sink with 1/4 inches of water.

Step 3. Using Pumice stone

A pumice stone is created when water and lava are mixed. It is a white stone that you can use to remove the scratches.

Now grab your pumice stone and start cleaning the scratches. Start using a pumice stone on marks that are on the sides of the sink, and then go down to every scratch that is visible.

But you can’t use it directly.

Dip it in the water that we have stored in the sink and then dip in that water for a few minutes, then simply rub it on the area with scratches.

Use it in the direction of scratch by doing backward and forwards.

Do it until you clear out the marks and scratches.

Step 4. Detaching Plug

After using a pumice stone, now it’s time to detach the plug by removing the drain hole and making sure that the scratches have gone.

Using Baking Sodausing baking soda

If the scratch of your porcelain sink is stubborn enough that they are not going after following the above steps then you have to move to the next technique and that is baking soda.

Baking soda is in powder form then you have to change it into a sticky form that sticks with the scratch and shows its magic.

It is recommended to first damp the scratch with water and then lay down baking soda so that it can stick with it properly.

Then after leaving for a few minutes then rub it back and forth in an upward and downward direction likewise.

Using a porcelain repair kit

If scratches are stubborn enough that they are not going still after applying the above techniques then investing in a porcelain repair kit is going to be a good investment. You can get it from online stores or from any plumbing store, and it will do its job, like magic.

Protecting your sink from future scratches

To protect your sink from future scratches, start investing in rubber mats so that your porcelain sink can stay stain free.don’t use anything that can cause scratches in any way. Don’t use rigid cleaners while doing your daily cleaning routine.

Use lint-free cloths to damp dry the porcelain sink.

As it has become virtual to use vinegar with baking soda for cleaning purposes, but in terms of the porcelain sink, don’t use it because it is high in acidity and can harm the complete finish of the porcelain sink.

Use dishwashing liquids as they are less on acids, and they give a shiny look at the end while cleaning the sink.

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