How to clean stainless steel sink hard water stains

How to clean stainless steel sink hard water stains. Stainless steel sinks are known for their stainless look. Their shiny and clear steel material makes them cleaner, and people love to consider stainless steel material for their sinks.

But to prevent them from corrosion or keep maintaining their aesthetics. You have to pay proper attention to maintain their cleaning routine as well.

But sometimes watermarks and other spot makes your stainless steel sink look so dull.

To maintain the look and aesthetics of your stainless steel, you have to follow a few techniques that you can use and make your life easy.

How to clean stainless steel sink hard water stainsclean stainless steel sink hard water stains

A daily cleaning routine will make your stainless sink spotless.

You can make your stainless steel spot-free by following these simple steps, but before that, you have to prepare yourself by collecting a few things that you are going to use while cleaning your stainless steel sink.

Things You’ll Need

  • Stainless steel-approved cleaner: Use a cleaner that you love but make sure that you use stainless steel-approved cleaner because some cleaners have very rigid particles that are made for removing very harsh stains and if you use these, then they will make your stainless steel sink even scratchy so make sure to use a cleaner that is stainless steel approved.
  • Soft Sponge: Use Soft sponges because some sponges come with sides that are not soft, so avoid these types of sponges and prefer using soft sponges.
  • Lint-free Cloths and towels: Clothes with lint on not only look clingy but also lint particles can make your sink stained by scratches.
  • Olive Oil: olive oil is very best for giving your stainless steel a good shiny finish.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is a very great cleaning agent.
  • Cleaning Gloves: don’t forget to use cleaning gloves because some cleaners like baking soda can make your hands dry. To prevent any kind of problem, it is recommended to use cleaning rubber gloves.

1. Use Cleaning Detergentsuse cleaning detergents

You do not need a special type of cleaning detergent; start cleaning it with normal cleaning detergent that you use for cleaning purposes and mix it with warm water and make a good cleaning solution and start gently cleaning it with a soft towel to prevent your sink from scratches.

It is recommended to use sponges because they will give your sink a shiny finish.

2. Rinsing with Hot water

As most of the cleaning solutions have some type of chloride in them. So when you are done with the cleaning, make sure to rinse the surface of your sink instantly so that chloride can’t harm the stainless finish of your sink with the dangers of rust or getting it rusted.

Ensure rinsing with warmth because it will help maintain the shiny look.

3. Wipping with a dry Towel

To complete the cleaning treatment, it is advised that after rinsing with hot water, clean your surface with a dry soft towel because of you will not do so, the water will stay there and will start evaporating, and then it will leave a stain of evaporated water spots.

If you dry your sink regularly, then it will prevent your sink from getting watermarks and will stop getting your sink rusted. Don’t use greasy or oil towels or cloth.

Cleaning Treatmentscleaning treatments

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very good cleaner that we use in our daily cleaning routine because its caustic particles are very good forms of cleaners and help to scrub out dirt or water debris from your stainless steel sink.

Mix soda and water to make a paste, and then clean your sink with this paste.

Then make another combination of vinegar and water and rinse your stainless steel with it. If your vinegar starts bubbling, then that means that it is doing its work. Vinegar is well known for disinfecting hard water stains.

Cleaning using Club Soda

Club soda is also a great cleaning agent. All you have to know that exactly how to use it, which is pretty simple. Place the stopper in your stainless steel sink and then pour club soda into it.

After pouring club soda, starts patting it with the soft cloth and then at last dry it using a soft cloth so that no moisture or water is left behind on the sink to make it spotted because water will evaporate and leave a stain if you do not pat dry it.

Using Olive Oil

Now it’s time to add an extra sparkle to your stainless steel sink by giving it an extra amount of shiny finish. When you are done cleaning and drying your sink, it’s time for the olive oil to show its magic.

Start by adding a few drops of olive oil and then use a soft cloth but make sure that cloth is totally lint-free and then buff the sink until you get the shine.

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