Replace pedestal sink with vanity

Replace pedestal sink with vanity. Upgradation of the bathroom can be made proficiently by positioning the vanity in the pedestal sink already situated there.

A pedestal sink is harder to install than a vanity sink because the plumbing is exposed.

Additional wall or floor support may be needed. It may need to be cut and capped with a larger supply line to provide adequate flow.

Replace pedestal sink with vanityreplace pedestal sink with vanity 2022

Replacement of the pedestal sink with vanity involves some complexities while carrying on the whole procedure.

Refashioning the equipment previously installed in the bathroom may give it a more classy look.

How to put an end to pedestal sink

A new sink can not be located in the bathroom as long as the pedestal is remained installed there.

First of all, we need to detach the pedestal sink from the bathroom. Make sure that you follow the instructions regarding its removal stated below.

1. Arrangement of instruments

Before removing the sink, you need to make arrangements for tools to process the very step with greater ease in labor.

The specific toolkit you will be required to detach the pedestal sink includes pincers, scuttles, a knife with a sharp-edged blade, and a spanner accordingly to the size of bolt nuts.

2. Disconnecting the supply of waterdisconnecting the supply of water

The pedestal sink has some valves attached beneath its surface, which plays a role in ensuring the active supply of water.

But we have to cut down the water supply to detach the sink.

Place the buckets or scuttles beneath the valves.

Whenever we remove the pressure adjusters from the water valves, which are usually in the form of a pipeline or duct, water stored in them may fall appropriately in the buckets, we have placed for it.

3. Get rid of P-tap

Detach the p-tap situated somewhere beneath the sink by disengaging the bolt present above it with the help of any tool or by hand if it does not contain any stiffness in it.

4. Cutting off the bond in the form of sealant

Detachment of the sealant covering almost the whole sink to provide it with a more powerful bond becomes inevitable if you perform the above steps.

5. Separating the pedestal sink

Having carried on the said steps, you may look forward to detaching the sink completely from your bath.

It can be done quickly by unfastening the bolts keeping them attached to the wall, or taking off the adhesives, which provide an extra bond between the sink and the wall.

Make sure that you do not harm yourself while getting it off after having disconnected the base too.

Putting vanity in place of the sink in the bathroomputting vanity in place of the sink in the bathroom

After removing the sink, it has become quite evident for you to place a new bathroom vanity there. Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned below one by one.

  • You will require a toolkit consisting of core instruments like measuring tape, a saw for size adjustment, bolts, a driller, a leveller, and shims.
  • You will need to make round openings behind the vanity if it has not had ready-made chambers. Bring the driller or saw in your utilization. Make sure that you make whole according to the size of the pipes.
  • Bring the vanity into your desired place after getting some of the parts detached. Make sure that the vanity is appropriately lined up accordingly to the surface by using the leveler.
  • Make it well-established by drilling through it to the walls to have it well-anchored. Make sure that you do not rush while carrying on the said process.
  • Utilize the bolts you have arranged by placing them into the holes and fixing them in a way that they should neither be in a loose position nor very stiff. Keep yourself well-protected throughout the whole process.

Cost to replace pedestal sink with vanity

To install a mid-range pedestal sink without any professional help, you can count on spending $325 to $730.

Additional materials – like the addition of a water line – may or may not affect the cost. As far as vanity sinks are concerned, even the lowest of low-budget models cost around $30.

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