My samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds

My samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds. Samsung is a worldwide phenomenon; it has stretched its manufacturing items from TV to refrigerators to air conditioners to almost every other electronic item.

Samsung is perhaps the most broadly known company that is known for furnishing clients with a wide range of brilliant electrical apparatuses.

They are for the most part well known for offering great presentations, which is additionally why their TV is truly famous among clients.

A considerable number of clients have been confronting issues with their Samsung shrewd TV as their TV keeps unexpectedly turning on and off. Accordingly, these clients are left baffled since they don’t know how they can fix the issue.

In case you are likewise confronting a comparable issue and are pondering, “For what reason does my Samsung TV continues to wind down on and like clockwork,” then, at that point, we suggest that you continue to peruse.

Through this article, we will be giving you ways on how you can, without much of a stretch, fix the issue.

My samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 secondswhy my samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds

Samsung’s brilliant TV accompanies a lot of elements that outflank other savvy TV brands.

Also, the presentation nature of Samsung TV is premium with higher goals.

Despite the fact that TV is worked on with great dexterity, it isn’t out of mistakes and issues.

It is a moving undertaking to sort out that the genuine guilty party behind the savvy television continues to wind down without help from anyone else.

Nonetheless, we will direct you to the most proficient method to fix my Samsung TV, which continues to wind down like clockwork.

Following are some of the causes for the television to behave like this, and its possible solutions are also mentioned:

Check For Possible Power Issuestv check for possible power issues

In the event that the TV continues to wind down, one of the primary things that we prescribe you do is to check for any sort of conceivable force issue that you can be, as of now confronting.

We recommend beginning with the force line of the TV. Check both the force string just as the force attachment in which you have embedded the link.

The issue could be pretty much as minor as the force rope not being embedded right in. You should have a go at giving the force link a push.

Likewise, make certain to check if the force attachment is working. Find out if your Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently

Have a go at Unplugging TV for 30 Secondshave a go at unplugging tv for 30 seconds

It is likewise conceivable that the motivation behind why you are confronting this issue could be because of the way that your TV is overheating or needs a touch of rest.

For this situation, we suggest that you start by turning off the TV from the force source.

Guarantee that you keep the TV wound down for a couple of moments. Preferably, you would need the TV wound down for over 30 seconds.

A short time later, you can have a go at stopping it back in to check if it works.

Have a go at Updating Your Softwarehave a go at updating your software

Despite the fact that it isn’t so possible, it may be the case that you are encountering this issue because of a product issue.

It could basically be because of the way that you have an obsolete adaptation of the product introduced on your TV.

Yet, assuming that is actually the explanation, you should simply essentially introduce a refreshed variant of the product. Basically, introduce the most recent form of programming on your TV.

One thing that you should check is that you don’t wind down the TV while the product is refreshing. On the off chance that it does, you could wind up harming your TV.

Have a go at Getting it Checked

There could be a more specialized issue with your TV, which truly isn’t workable for you to fix without help from anyone else.

For example, the TV could be harmed from within. In cases like these, it is recommended that you look for proficient assistance.

You can either have the TV looked at by an expert or take a stab at reaching client assistance. The two of them should help in settling your concern by getting to the foundation of the issue.

Get it Replaced

In the event that nothing is by all accounts working for you, your last choice is getting the entire gadget supplanted. Ideally, if the TV is as yet under guarantee, you could have it looked at and supplanted.

Be that as it may, assuming it’s not, you should put in a couple of bucks and get the more established unit supplanted with, the more current unit.


Have you wound up pondering, “Why your Samsung TV continues to wind down at regular intervals?” If along these lines, then, at that point, here are the 5 unique ways on how you can, without much of a stretch, fix the issue for great. Be certain that you adhere to every single guidance referenced in the article.

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