Tv screen goes black but sound still works

Tv screen goes black but sound still works. Sometimes it occurs that after one turns on the TV but the TV screen turns black but the sound remains there. Firstly, what you would like to do is check the flexibility plug.

Is it producing enough power for TV to turn on?

  • Check if power is completely supplied to the TV
  • Unplug the power from the rear of the TV
  • After unplugging the flexibility all of the other devices should be removed
  • Click the power button on the TV
  • Then reconnect the ability of the TV

And now click the flexibility button of the TV. Now have a glance if the LED screen starting lighting. If it is not working then plug another device within the socket to test whether it’s is an influence problem or not. If that device works properly then it means the matter is with the TV screen.

Tv screen goes black but sound still workstv screen goes black but sound still works

Reasons for the problem

  • Malfunction of the tail light
  • Malfunction of the device
  • Errors within in the mainboard firmware

TV is powered on but the screen is still black

There are mostly many issues or problems with the TV. The TV screen goes black but the sound still works. Also in case of TV being powered. You will be ready to reset the TV on the company defaults.

Most causes of malfunction most causes of malfunction 

  • There must be an issue with the power-providing company. They must be applying low voltage.
  • The board of the driver could be faulty.
  • There must be controversy in the film wire.
  • There must be a fault in the motherboard.

If you’d wish to learn about this issue all you would like to do and do check the button of the menu on the TV. Check that if the menu is being shown on the TV or not.

If the menu is appearing make sure that all of the video cooperation is working or not. And jacks are applicable on the TV. In case of a negative answer, you simply should activate the menu and set it.

To set the default values:

  • Press the button of menu from remote
  • Now press the enter button by highlighting the installation

A set of installation recent button menus will be shown

Highlight the system of intelligence by opening its status.

Click the default of the factory scrolling arrow right or left.

Now write the PIN code.

Press enter the yes. Now the TV will close up spontaneously after a minute. Unplug the power then plug the switch in again to check the whole process. Just in case if the menu doesn’t appear unplug the switch a minimum of 3 times.

TV screen turns off to black

Something enunciate situation ascend that TV turns off immediately. This means the TV screen goes black sometimes immediately but still, sounds are there. Although, the matter is different for the assorted brands of the TV. Mostly we can recover them with the subsequent methods:

  • Sometimes if the sleep timer is misapprehend got on the TV will shut down
  • The sleep timer can mistakenly be pressed on the remote
  • Check the shop mode or demo mode is turned on mistakenly. They’re the factory of the setting used for display
  • You should use a singular HDMI port for your device

TV screen becomes dark for a whiletv screen becomes dark for a while

There are many reasons of TV screen goes black. It’d be an influence problem, LED screen, LED strip, or T-con board.

Mostly we will say that the matter is with the ability circuit or with the strip. If there’s an issue with the strip, then it will be solved by changing the board or strip.


Sometimes the TV screen goes black but the sound still works it can happen due to the facility switch. Maybe you have got click on the timer button from the remote mistakenly. Disorder of the LED strip can one in all the explanations.

The driving board or motherboard must be having a controversy. If a menu appears on the screen, then click on the menu bottom and click on the installations. Find out Prime Video Not Working On Roku.

Tv screen goes black but sound still works

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