Vizio tv keeps turning off

Vizio tv keeps turning off. There are a lot of great features and a great image quality and these affordable Vizio TVs are amazing till they continue to turn off automatically.

It is very annoying because if you are watching a football match or movie then this problem will disturb you a lot. It’s most likely the input device,  or a faulty remote if it switches off.

There are several possibilities beyond this problem are

  1. Inspect the power switch on remote
  2. Check the power cord in the outlet
  3. Check the auto-off system
  4. Remote batteries ran out
  5. Defective HDMI input

So there are various factors that are responsible for this problem. You are here it means you have the same issue with your Tv so don’t turn the page and continue to know in-depth about this issue.

Vizio tv keeps turning off
fix vizio tv keeps turning off

If your Vizio TV starts creating issues and interference in your entertainment then before you start believing your house is haunted, keep in mind that this does happen sometimes and can be resolved.

That isn’t to say you can’t do something about it so before hiring some expert and giving him money let’s do it by yourself. We’ll go over some of the solutions you may attempt in this article.

Check the power cord in the outlet

If your tv keeps turning off then the first thing to check is its power cord. Either it is tightly plugged in in the outlet or it is loose. If your Tv is creating this issue then tightly fix the power cord in the outlet.

Inspect the power switch on remote

power cycle vizio tv

If your Tv is continuedly switching off after some time then first of all check the power button from the remote.

If someone sits on the remote or it is fallen from the table then there are chances that the power button is damaged and starts to turn off the Tv automatically.

So it is very important to take care of the Tv remote. If unfortunately, the power button is effective then you will have to replace it with a new one.

Check the auto-off system

Sometimes, it happens at home that anybody watches the Tv and fixes the auto-off settings or sleep timer on the remote.

So if your Tv is kept turning off after some time then check the auto turn-off system. It may solve your issue.

Remote batteries run out

remove the battery from the remote

If the batteries of your remote are too old then sometimes they start to send random signals and commands to the remote like the volume of the Tv increases or the Tv turns off.

Now you will be thinking how can you understand that batteries ran out?

It is so simple, if you have to press the button more than one time to change the channel then it means the life span of remote batteries is over, and it’s time to insert the new batteries in the remote.

Defective HDMI Input

If your HDMI port is broken or defective, your  Tv may restart itself again. You’ll need to utilize another

faulty hdmi inputHDMI port on your  Tv to solve this issue.

Change the cables or devices to a different HDMI port. Then turn on your Tv and choose the appropriate HDMI input.

The issue with your smart tv will be fixed after changing the HDMI input.

Remove old settings on  Tv

If still the issue is there and Tv is keep switching off then it’s time to factory reboot settings on the device. It will remove all the old settings done on the Tv like sleep timer, auto turn off, etc. You can do it through these steps.

  • Switch on the Tv.
  • Press the menu button from the remote.
  • Now choose the system and push the Ok option.
  • Now search the reset and admin option by moving the cursor down, and pushing the Ok.
  • Now write the password.
  • After writing the password now select the reboot or reset and again press Ok.
  • Now, wait for some time because your Tv will automatically turn off and then switch on after some minutes. Hopefully, your issue will be solved now.


In this article, we have discussed How to fix your TV that keeps turning off, follow each step, and hopefully, it will help you.

Vizio tv keeps turning off after a few seconds

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