Lights turning on by themselves

Lights turning on by themselves. Many people face such a situation when they enter the room and the lights turn on themselves. In this modern age, you can not link this automatic turning on of lights with spirits and ghosts.

It happens for many reasons, but mostly the lights turn on because of an energetic disturbance in the circuit that affects the light’s turn on.

Sometimes, the lights automatically switch on due power source problem, which is not doing its job correctly. Some lights malfunction due to factory defects, so keep this point in mind.

If you repeatedly face this issue with your lights which turn on by themselves, then claim a warranty claim to the company to get a replacement of faulty lights.

Keep reading this blog post to find the scientific reasons for this issue because you can not relate it to a ghost that

comes into your room and switches on the lights.

Lights turning on by themselves

Last Sunday, it happened to me that I was sleeping in my room at 3 am, and suddenly I woke up because the lights turned on by themselves. There was nobody in the room.

First, to be honest, I got frightened that a ghost was present in my room. Then I thought it was impossible in this modern age, so I checked all the possible causes; then I learned that it happened due to a power surge.

So, therefore I am writing all my research on this issue, so keep reading the post to know all possible causes of why lights turn on by themselves without pressing the power button.

Wrong concept

wrong concept

Some people get frightened if the light bulb turns on automatically when entering the room or sometimes at midnight when you sleep on your bed.

They link it to the ghost or spiritual belief that some soul came into the room and turned the lights on, so ignore these things because it does not happen in this modern time that a ghost came in the room to frighten you by turning the lights on.

Manufacturing fault

Lights turn on by themselves in the case of lights with a faulty part or controller or damaged wiring.

Replacing the lights is the choice in this case because if you hire an electrician to repair the faulty components, it will be more costly, and there is no guarantee that the lights will start malfunctioning again.

But, it is also possible that room lights switch on by themselves even if there is no issue with them. You can switch lights off and then turn them on again to fix this trouble.

Electrical issues

electrical issues

Power issues are one of the main causes of lights turning on automatically, so don’t relate it with spiritual thoughts or ghosts.

First, plug in the lights in the electrical outlet properly because if there is a loose connection in the socket, the lights might turn on suddenly, opening the door.

If your room lights are switched by electricity, then make sure all the lights are getting sufficient output and also ensure that all the lights have different power buttons for input voltage.

If your lights are connected to the battery power, then make sure the cell batteries are tightly connected with the terminals.

Another main cause of the led lights to switch on is a constant live wire powering your led lights and regular trips.

If you don’t have electrical skills then hire an electrician to check the room lights because an electrician can suggest to you the main culprit of this problem.

Bad weather

bad weather

Bad weather is also one of the reasons for blinking lights because it includes small disturbances to the local electric grid because of strong breezes and weather storms.

Dont worry; this issue will be solved after a thunderstorm. But, if you have enough budget, then you can buy power surge protectors to save your lights from turning on by themselves due to stormy weather.

Power variation

Normally when the power goes and then comes back, some lights are switched on to inform you that electricity comes back because some lights are switched off from the power switch but are actually fastened with electricity.

But, if the lights switch on by themselves even when there is no electricity, it shows a power fluctuation in the circuit. Circuit breakers, blown fuses, and wiring problems can cause power fluctuation in the lights.

If your lights frequently turn on by themselves, it is a sign of electrical glitches. Hiring a skillful professional is the best option.

Faulty bulb

faulty bulb

If the only bulb in your room is creating issues, this issue is that it switches on by itself at midnight, which means this light bulb is faulty, and the best bet is to replace this defective bulb with a brand new one.

You can also get a free replacement from the electric store by claiming a warranty if you recently purchased the defective bulb not long ago.

Outdated Firmware

If your smart light’s firmware is not updated for a long time, then it can also turn it by itself due to power glitches.

Smart lights turn on aimlessly, but it happens due to not updating your smart bulb. Sometimes, bugs accommodate inside the bulb for heat and erratically act on the smart light’s performance.

You can quickly solve this problem by updating your light’s software in ten minutes.

It’s very important to keep checking for firmware updates in your smart light app so that you can update it on time. The problem will be solved after updating the software from your smartphone app.