How to fix solar light sensor

How to fix solar light sensor. The batteries, when out of power in the solar light sensor, don’t allow it to shine. The switches can be broken. The direct sunlight it needs is not equal to the one it is being provided with.

I have multiple solar lights at home. Suddenly one of them stopped working, and I was like, it’s okay, but over one got the same problem. I got alerted. I have electronic knowledge, so I checked them and added them to the research I did. I found the solution.

Low or no power is the principal cause. I listed all the issues I know. So keep reading!

How to fix solar light sensor

fix solar light sensor

Fixing a solar light sensor requires the problem to be shown first. The cables should be connected and not damaged. The problem is usually because of dead batteries.

The microprocessor may not be processing as it should.

The sensor can be fried. The light sensors may be faulty and do not detect the light, or they have been covered with a thick layer of dirt such that they are insensible.

The cleaning will deal with that, and the sensor may need a replacement. You may just insert new batteries, and you can change the cables.

Battery having issue

The sensor is connected to the battery as the battery is the thing that offers its power. Without the battery or power in the battery.

The sensor will be useless. New batteries in the new device come in the pull tab. You need to pull the tab out to let the power reach them

All batteries have a life limit that ends at a time. They need replacement after that. If the batteries are dead, the sensor will not have the power to function. Check the batteries and replace them with matching ones.

Broken wires

Wires are present in almost every electronic device. They are also present in the panel. The wires transfer power from the battery to the sensor. They provide a medium for power to move from the battery and reach the components.

The wires might not be inserted or plugged in properly. The connection to them can be loose. The wires may be broken because of some shock. Broken and unplugged wires do not have the ability to conduct and transfer electricity.

If the wires are broken, they need to be replaced. The broken bits can be taped, and they might work again.

Severely damaged wires are to be completely replaced, and the wires that are not plugged properly should be plugged back if the processor has some other issue. It also needs swapping.



A processor is responsible for instructing all the components of the device. Suppose it doesn’t give proper instruction.

The components will not work, and if the instruction is faulty, then the part will become faulty too. The settings may be wrong, so wrong instructions are being given.

The wrong instructions may turn the sensor off. They may cause it to carry out wrong instructions, and the sensor, being incapable of doing so, becomes hot and gets out of order.

The confused microprocessor can be fixed by changing the settings. If changing the settings doesn’t work.

Then you can reset the whole thing. This will bring the setting to default. This may solve the processor problem. You can check how to rest it in the guide. If not, then you can check for it online.

The sensor itself

Sometimes all the things that are required by the sensor are working. The problem is the sensor itself. It may be damaged or broken. It may just be covered with too much dirt, and that doesn’t allow the light to reach it. Thus, it is unable.

The sensor might get damaged or break if it falls from a height. It may be fried because the processor didn’t control it properly. Extra power passing through it wasn’t tolerated by it, and it stopped working. Other reasons, like some extra part, made it useless.

The sensor needs to be cleaned carefully first, and then it should be tested for working. Just disassemble the whole thing and then use a chemical and a damped cloth to clean it.

You can apply WD-40 and clean it. Then dry it because the wetness can cause moisture, and that will damage the device.

If cleaning doesn’t work, then you need to replace the broken sensor.


How to fix solar light sensor. The problem is usually from above. The solution in case broken and damaged sensors is mentioned too. All other parts that might affect it are also explained if the problem doesn’t even get solved by changing it.

Call a professional. He may recommend the complete device be changed.

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