Light bulbs keep burning out same socket

Light bulbs keep burning out same socket. Too high a voltage is usually the reason for the bulbs burning out. If we talk about the same socket, the wiring to the socket will burn the light bulbs and other appliances that are plugged into it.

I moved into an apartment with faulty wiring. I didn’t know the wiring was faulty. I installed a new bulb as there weren’t any light bulbs. I plugged it, and the bulb instantly burned out.

I took it and got it replaced because of the warranty. Then I installed the new bulb. It was getting late, so I turned it on, and instantly, the bulb burned out again.

This was disturbing. I called an electrical expert. He told me the bulbs are getting fried because of faulty wire or overflow of voltage.

He told me more reasons the bulbs are getting burned and some ways to fix it. He offered to help, but it was expensive. I turned him down and discouraged fixes. I was successful.

My bulbs are good for working now. To know why bulbs are burning and the way to fix them from a single socket. Keep on reading.

Light bulbs keep burning out same socket

light bulbs keep burning out same socket

The most effective reason for the light bulbs burning out in the house is because of too much voltage or a high voltage. High-voltage isn’t capable of being handled by all wirings, and this causes the burning out of bulbs.

This is for whole-house voltage. It rarely occurs in a single socket, but it can so check the voltage reading on the main board or use a multimeter.

Too tight bulbs being installed can affect the brass wire that is at the bottom of the bulb holder or socket. This makes the bulb burn faster as it damages the brass rod by bending it and making its contact lesser than the other.

The wrong wiring of the particular light bulb socket will also burn them. Overheating of the fixture can cause the burning of bulbs.

The wrong type of bulb, meaning the wrong voltage or size bulb used, may burn them out. The voltage difference between bulbs is important.

Wrong bulb

Bulbs are different depending on the power they take. They are designed in watts and volts. The power needed by them depends on the watt level you bought them on.

The watt can affect the bulb. If you are using a bulb 0f 12 watts and plugging it into an 18-watt socket, the power will overflow and burn the light bulb. It’s the same if an 18-watt bulb is placed in a 12-watt socket.

No matter how many wrong light bulbs you put in, you will just fry them. To get the right light bulb, you check the power of both the holder and the bulb. Only buy a matching bulb with the socket.

Inaccurate wiring

light bulbs keep burning out same socket 2022

Wiring affects all kinds of sockets and bulbs. If the wiring done at the socket is wrong, then all appliances you plug in will burn out.

If the wiring of the bulb holder or socket is wrong, then the bulb in that socket will burn. It doesn’t matter how many. The wrong wiring isn’t forgiving.

Check the wiring of the bulb socket and see if the wiring is done right. If not, a professional will do the proper wiring, and then the light bulbs won’t burn out.

Loose connections

Loose connections to the socket can make the socket dangerous, and if the wires touch this, you will have a burnout light bulb, but also the whole house appliances getting burned.

Wire touching shorts the whole working that directly affects the power of the house.

Suppose the loose wiring of the plug is the problem. You just need to tighten them after turning off the power. Then you can test it by turning it on.

Bulbs too tight

bulbs too tight

A brass fixture resides at the bottom of the socket fixture. It is flexible, and it needs a particular length above the socket to work safely. Tightening, the bulb bends the brass rod too far down.

This produces electrical arcing between the bulb and the brass rod. This arcing burn the bulb. Doing it again works the same.

You need to never tighten the bulb too much and too loose, either. This will prevent the bulb from burning. Replace the socket if the brass rod is bent permanently.


If the bulb burns for the above reasons, then use particular solutions. Other problems like depressed socket tab can burn the bulbs too.

Check all or an electrical engineer can help you in stopping the burning of the bulbs.

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