How to fix led lights when the colors are wrong

How to fix led lights when the colors are wrong. Re-plugging the lights to correct their colors is the fundamental trick.

If restarting the LED lights doesn’t work, then resetting the LED lights is the alternate. If resetting or rebooting isn’t good enough, replacing the LED strip or changing the theme may work.

As I turned them on, my LEDs were showing the wrong color. I wanted them to show red color, but instead, I only saw green.

I thought my LEDs were broken because they were showing the wrong colors or I had ordered the wrong color of the light.

I thought reading the guide won’t be harmful, so I read and researched on the internet, and before I returned the LEDs because of some other issue, I got the right color from the same LEDs.

Getting the wrong colors of LED is common, and getting the right color is easy.

Read to learn!

How to fix led lights when the colors are wrong

Having the wrong colors in the LED lights can be mood-turning. YOu may have just wanted peace with blue light, but the fierce red light is illuminated.

The mood because of the lights will take a turn. Having the wrong colors of light is pretty standard. These are the wrong colors, but they can be switched. Advanced Technology gives multiple colors in a single LED light.

So the wrong color may have been switched on. If the wrong color is switched on, you can restart the lights and let them regain their primary color.

Resetting will surely bring their color to be bare. You can use the remote or the phone app to change the color to your favorite.

Re-plugging the lights as their connection may be loose or incorrect can bring color changes into the lights too.

Wrong insertion

wrong insertion

Wrong insertion or simply wrong plugging is the fundamental wrong light color reason. There are a lot of connections in the LEDs, so maybe they have been plugged incorrectly.

All colors can have different wires for themselves. The power wires and color wires can be different. There are different terminals for all lights.

All wires of lights need correct connections for the right lights. LED connection and plugging are effortless to set and fix. Start by connecting the power wires.

The black wire is positive in the strip and has a + sign, so connect it with the battery on the +ve side.

The positive ends of both should line up on the same side. Then renew the RGB connections by taking them out and re-plugging them.

The wise can be mislabeled in cheap LEDs, so check through a multimeter. The cables could be colored and should match their hues.

The receiver terminals should have labels too. Reconnect the R, G, and B worse if they were used incorrectly.

If the wires still show the wrong color, then mess around with wires and change their ports to see if the correct color lights up. It’ll probably work.



Rebooting is the most straightforward trick to do if the correct color of lights is not on when you ignite the light.

Rebooting means restarting, and as LEDs don’t have a restart button on them, you just need to turn the lights off, wait for a minute or 5 at most, and then power the lights on.

After the lights are on, the color will start from basic. The primary color may be what you want.

This method isn’t the most usable trick. The colors you need may not be correct. Only use this method to get primary colors.

Using remote

using remote

Using a remote should be the first confused light setting trick.

Remote comes with most devices, and if the color of the LED you turned on is wrong, you could set the pattern or theme by using the remote. If the remote works and you have it, then all other methods don’t need to be checked.

Even if you don’t have a remote, To control the lights, use your smartphone and make the wrong color or theme right.

Just see the labeled controls on the remote and switch between the lights until you reach the light color you want.


If the re-plugging and rebooting weren’t helpful, then resetting is an effective option. The simple reset is the most potent trick, yet it’s elementary.

Custom reset will remove the sequences you may have created or selected, but all colors are already lost if the LED isn’t working.

Strange viruses and bugs develop with time and don’t let the lights work according to you. The lights may become self-controlled because of some bugs.

The reset makes the LEDs new like at their first turning. The right colors you set on the first start will appear as they did before, and you will have the right colors.

The reset of both controller and the lights is required for this. All LEDs can have different methods to get reset and bring their original colors.

You can wipe out the change and the bugs with resets, but different reset methods like I mentioned are still required. The resets can be because of the model and the brand.

The switches and the lights may need a power cut to get rest or the extraordinary steps that may vary. Let us see a few basic resetting tricks for references.

Usually, the strips come with a switch near or on the receiver for reset. Just pressing this button is enough to reset the lights.

Power button reset is also present in some LED lights. Pressing and pushing it resets the lights. Re-plugging may be a reset option in some lights. These reset methods may not be enough, so google the light reset methods of your strip.

Getting online reset information about the LED lights may be enough, and you can then set the pattern of the LED lights later.

Using LED or controller model numbers or serial numbers can help search faster than just the brand.

Controller/Strip replacement

controllerstrip replacement

Money is the case and solution now. Money is the last resort after the failure of reset. The LED strip or the controller may be the culprit instead of the lights.

The lights or the controller of the lights may have malfunctioned. Mismated color buttons and other issues with the remote are wrong.

The remote may be poorly built and has some internal issues with its buttons.

Contacting the seller for the remote and the Lights may help clarify the error, but the malfunction won’t be fixed just by talking to others.

In case the remote has malfunctioned, then get a replacement for the controller and try it. Calling the light company and asking for a replacement is better as the company will send a genuine remote to you.

You can purchase a remote from the market and see if it’s compatible. Getting a company remote is a better replacement choice.

If the light strip is malfunctioning, then don’t buy a remote, but getting the whole set of LED and the controller is the solution. Replace the set.


Five methods of fixing the LED light colors are given above. The LED color fixing method starts from basic and to the last method of replacement.

Reboot and reset should be taken harder. You can control the remote and even replace the remote if there is some fault. Call the brand services for your LED lights if the problem persists. Thanks for reading!

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