Fire cube remote not working

Fire cube remote not working. These days technology has changed things into new these days people use smart TVs, Fire TVs, and others. These use remotes that work on the battery system.

Mainly the TVs work through the remote, remotes are used to perform many functions, that may be the volume up and down, changing or shuffling of the media or channels, etc.

If this remote is not working then there is a big issue, because these are not like the simple TV remote that uses replace battery cells that are replaced when they are discharged.

Fire cube remote not working

fire cube remote not working

Here the issue is that the cube remote not working means there is any fault, the fault may be in the system of the remote or the other so here are some troubleshooting is as follows:

Change the batteries

Battery changing is the thing that is a very common and easy thing that may be the best solution to the problems of battery-related things such these not using a rechargeable battery.

They only use the battery that is replaceable when it gets discharged. And this is a very easy and good thing that you use when your remote is not working.

This has not the big procedure behind it, this is very easy as you open the backside of the remote and it is visible to you that there is a battery open this battery cover and take the old battery out from the sight and place the new battery on its place ad cover the backside again and not use the remote if the issue was off the battery then it is solved and the remote start working.

If anything else, then you should keep trying the struggle until you don’t reach the destination.

Again pair the remote

Sometimes there may the technical fault in the remote, and there are multiple solutions to the problems that are as easy as we may not pay attention to them.

Another way to make the remote work is that unpair the remote from the Fire TV and pair it again.

If the technical fault in the remote is cleared and it starts working, as it was working first. Pair Unpair is the trick behind refreshing the connection.

The connection refresh is the best trick that may allow the remote to work properly and can solve all the issues that are related to this problem. Pairing unpairing is very easy to work on it because these are very easy to implement and understand.

Reset the Remote

reset the remote

Here is another thing that may be the solution to many problems that are occurring while there is any device not working properly or there is an error occurring in its working.

The reset can solve all these problems in a few seconds. The way to reset the remote is as follows:

  1. Unplug the device from the socket for a time.
  2. Hold the left and the menu button at the same time for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  3. Put your fingers up and wait for 8 to 10 seconds and then remove the battery from the remote.
  4. Plug it again and remain it for 50 seconds to 1 minute for activation.
  5. Now insert the battery back into place.

These were some important steps that are used to reset the Cube TV remote.

Remove the barriers

As the remotes are wireless, there are not any wires for their work; they just work on signals. These signals are the source of the communication between the remote and the Fire TV.

So many solid things occur as the barrier between the remote and the TV. Here you should be aware that which are barriers that might possibly occur along the way.

These barriers areas the table is placed in front of you and between you and the TV.

As the table is a solid thing, that is the barrier between you and the Tv signals.

Through this, the signals are blocked, and the remote not working. You may suppose that the remote or the TV set is worse than not working, but these are the barriers that do not allow the signals to pass through them.

Make sure that you sit where there is the nothing that can stop the signals from passing through it.

Not only the solid things are the cause of the block of the signals there are some radio waves that also stop or may change the direction of the signals that are coming from the TV towards the remote direction.

Some of the common signals that do not allow the remote signals to pass are wi-fi routers and microwave signals.


The above all the troubleshooting related to the “Fire cube remote not working”. May this article is helpful for you, and you should take benefit from my ideas.

My ideas are useful for you to solve the problem in the easiest way that no one here tells you.

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