Garage door won’t open with remote

Garage door won’t open with remote. We can’t deny that a garage door in a house is at the position of daily wear and tear and is frequently used at exit and entrance.

Isn’t it enough to spoil your mood when you are about to leave and you end up concluding that your garage door won’t open with a remote?

You’ll see a motorized machine attached to the door of your garage that helps in the opening and closing of the door, followed by a few buttons.

All these buttons attached are regulated by a handheld remote that helps the automatic garage door to automatically open and close.

But there are some problems connected with the automated garage doors as, unlike manual doors, they can’t be operated by yourself.

There might be some technical problems associated with the issue this article is focusing on.

But it isn’t necessary to contact an expert to resolve this issue; in fact, you must look for the best possible reasons so that you can catch the actual cause behind it.

Why Garage door won’t open with remotewhy garage door won't open with remote

Following are the reasons for troubleshooting the most asked problem ‘garage door won’t open with remote control.’

Blocked or Dirty Photo-Eye

If your garage door isn’t completely closed, the issue could be an obstructed light barrier. This safety feature has been standard on most garage doors manufactured since the early 1990s.

The light wall comprises two parts located on opposite sides of the garage door, approximately 1.2 meters above the ground.

A pea-sized laser beam is transmitted from one end to the other when the door is prompted to close.

The beam is activated to search the free space below for obstacles when the door is prompted to close. The door will either stop closing or return ultimately when an object or body part is detected.

The photoelectric switch’s purpose is to ensure that the door does not open to anything, including pets or people.

Transmitter Batteries can be Expiredtransmitter batteries can be expired

Electricity is required on both ends when controlling a garage door. As a result, the operator is not the only component that could be cut off from power.

The problem could be a discharged battery in your remote control if it doesn’t open your garage door.

The transceiver on the inside of your garage should be checked first. Is the door unlocked when you manually press the receiver’s button?

If that’s the case, the problem isn’t with the receiver but with the remote control.

In such cases, you are fortunate because a simple battery replacement can help.

If the batteries in your remote control were pre-installed and you have never replaced them, simply slide off the back, remove the old batteries, and take them to the store to purchase replacement batteries of the same size.

Snapped Cables

A broken cable is a problem that is even more dangerous than broken springs on a garage door. While the tension springs provide tension when the door is raised and lowered, the ropes handle the physical process of raising and lowering the door in line with each tension spring.

Only the cables keep the door from crashing to the floor with all of its weight when the springs snap into place. Aside from the roaring sound, it can be severely damaged if the door falls to the floor.

Furthermore, anything in the way of the door, such as a bicycle, a car’s hood, a child, or a pet, can be crushed, seriously damaged, or damaged by the door’s weight.

Worst of all, if the springs are broken, the cables usually do not last long. Close the door and do not open it, even manually, if you know your headsprings are already faulty.

Blocked Remote Signalblocked remote signal

A dead battery isn’t the only issue that can cause a remote control to malfunction. If you press the button, but the door does not open, it is possible that the signal is being blocked.

They may also be inaccessible. It’s also possible that the aperture device’s external antenna is blocked or damaged.

If your garage door does not open when you press the remote-control button, the signal may be blocked by a branch or other object.

Due to tree growth, a remote control may stop working from a certain angle.

If your remote control no longer works from the same grades you’ve always used it, and changing the batteries doesn’t help, it’s time to prune some branches.


We hope you are well aware of what to do if your garage door won’t open with a remote or keypad after going through some of the reasons mentioned above.

Facing any the issues like these doesn’t mean you have to panic and ask for professional help. Just a better understanding will let you reach and eliminate the cause behind the fault.

Garage door won’t open with remote

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