LG washer ub code

LG washer ub code. The Ub code in the LG washer is caused by an imbalanced tub and uneven load. It needs to be re-leveled and set in properly. Otherwise, the error will keep showing.

Last Sunday, I put my tub in the washer and the clothes. As I powered the device on, Ub started being displayed. I ignored it, but the machine didn’t stop showing.

I turned the machine off and read the guide. The error with Ub or UE in it meant an uneven setting of tub and load. I took my clothes and tub out and replaced them. I removed a few clothes, and the error disappeared.

Several other reasons can cause Ub or UE. So keep reading!.

LG washer ub code

lg washer ub code

The Ub in error, stands for “Unbalanced.” Load types sometimes do not allow the even weight distribution of the load in the machine. This causes an unbalanced load in the appliance.

This unbalanced load will cause the errors UE or Ub. This is usual. The leveling of the washer becomes necessary in this error.

In this, the weight needs even placement and is to have equal distribution on all sides of the drum. The LED keeps showing this until you have dealt with it. The machine will not work or stop when working if Ub a or UE appear.

Meaning of Ub and UE

Ub error code stands for the word “Unbalanced,” while Ue stands for “Uneven”. Both of them combined mean that there is an uneven distribution of clothes that is calling the washer unbalanced.

More specially, it means the tub is imbalanced, and items that are in it are not distributed properly.

The Ub and UE errors are related to each other. This makes them connected, and even the sign of one error can also mean the other error is present.

Top loader washer

top loader washer

If the UE or Ub error appears in the LG washer, that has top loading. Then the washer tries to increase the amount and level of water. The level of water is increased by it is to evenly distribute the weight and remove the unevenness.

The washer may tell you to open the top lid and move the clothes here and there and other items as well. Sometimes the washer may need to be added with more clothes.

This is also to disperse the weight. The causes of it are down below in the top load washer.


  • The small load may not be properly distributed.
  • Bulky items that are inserted singly can stick to a single side of the drum.
  • On the surface of the drum, sometimes spread the large uneven load.
  • Wash load variables are also responsible for causing Ub or UE errors.

Front loader washer

The Web error in the front loader is the same as in the top loader washer. But in the front loader, the washer doesn’t attempt to add extra water in itself.

It doesn’t even try to balance on its own. In the front loader, the items need to be dispersed on the drum surface manually.

The distribution needs to be done evenly in case the UE error means an uneven error is appearing. The washer will require a cloth addition like the top loader to balance the uneven load present.


  • A small load comes together and causes a lump to form as it combines. This causes the weight of the drum to throw off. Thus, the unbalanced drum causes the error.
  • Items that are large have more chance to spread around the area of the drum and cause the error.
  • The items that are alone but bulgy can also cause the error. Distinguished fabrics that are heavy, even though single, can get stuck on the opposing side of the drum.

Clearing Ub and UE

lg washer ub code 2022

  • The washer door should be opened. The items that are tangled together should be untangled.
  • Then the items need to be moved here and there. The items should have equal distribution.
  • Then shut the door and restart the washing cycle. If the error stays, add more clothes to the appliance. Try to even the weight out in the tub.
  • Then close the machine door again. Restart the cycle again to test the error. Both UE and Ub errors will disappear, and the display will clear.


LG washer ub code. Both the top washer and the front washer have the same errors. The UE and Ub mean the same thing in both and are detected during the cycle. They show inequality in the distribution in both types.

You can find the UE and Ub in the guide. But details aren’t mentioned. This article shows details about Ub and UE as well.

If they persist, call a technical person. Contact customer care. LG provides excellent customer support. You can set the codes by yourself. Check the number and error code before fixing it.

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