Lawn mower starts then dies

Lawn mower starts then dies. A lawnmower is a machine used to cut the long grass surface as it contains one or more sharp blades that work snappily and smartly.

This mower reduces human effort, and there is no need to call the gardener to trim your lawn’s grass because you have a lawnmower to make your work super easy.

With a little effort, you can make your grass refined and your lawn pleasing. This easy-to-use lawnmower makes your lawn grass beautiful and better for your health, but many times this lawnmower stalls due to many reasons.

Is it also happen to you? So you want to know why lawnmowers get stalls when cutting grass?? Do you want to know the solution to this issue?

If yes, then go through our articles to reduce your further worries!

Numerous reasons make a lawnmower stall when cutting grass. And the best way to sort out this problem is to consider the least expensive and effortless ways to fix it.

The below-mentioned route of troubleshooting will make you solve your problem like a pro without calling any professional.

Lawn mower starts then dies

5 Common Reasons And Solutions Of Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies 

1. Being Overworked

One of the basic possible reasons a lawnmower stalls when cutting grass is its overuse.

This is an intentionally made technology that a lawnmower stops working when it gets overburdened because, for frequent use, a motor can be blown.

Many times this problem also occurs when the grass is long and dense.


  • Give a break to your mower and use it after some intervals.

2. Grass is Wet

Another reason could be wet grass. Wet grass sticks with the motor of the mower, and the mower stalls working,


  • The solution is to wait for the grass to get dry.
  • If it is urgent to cut the grass, then mow a little portion first, gather the build-up grass, then restart from the next portion. Mowing chunks of portion can reduce your problem.

3. Low FuelLow Fuel

Sufficient fuel is necessary for the throttle to run because when gas is less, the mower will only start and runs idle but not cut the grass.


  • Add at least a liter of oil to make it back to work.


If the oil exists then don’t fill it again as it could lead to another problem.

4. Issue With Fuel Line

If, after adding the oil problem doesn’t exist, then it means the problem is with the fuel line.


  • The best thing is to consult a professional.
  • If you have an idea of the fuel line, then well and good; make it clean and clear to get the mower back to routine.

5. Dirty Air FilterDirty Air Filter

A common problem that happens often is a dirty air filter that often blocks the airflow that reaches the engine.


  • Remove the dust and debris from the airflow by removing the air filter.


Lawn mower starts then dies. A lawnmower is a simple and nontechnical engine that works very awesomely and efficiently, but if Lawn Mower Stalls When Cutting Grass, then the above-mentioned ways will prove very beneficial and helpful even if you are inexperienced.

If still, you find yourself helpless, contact a professional instead of falling into another problem.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your lawn cleaner, healthier, and better because trim green grass will make your lawn outclass.

Fixing a Mower that starts but then dies

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