Exotic angel plant care

Exotic angel plant care. Exotic angel plants mean a great variety of beautiful plants that make your home green and beautiful. These plants vary widely in colors.

Exotic angel plants are hybrid plants that grow in greenhouses. These are indoor plants that require great care.

This article provides a guideline that can help you to take care of your exotic angel plants.

Given below are the steps required for

Exotic Angel Plant CareExotic Angel Plant Care


These plants have straightforward care. It means they need water, soil, pruning, light, and much more.

Most of the plants of the exotic angel plant family need moist soil which is not highly saturated.

Their roots get rotten if they are kept in too much water. The best soil required for these plants should be well-draining and enriched with organic material.

LightHow To Repot Exotic Angel Plants

These plants need a proper and normal amount of light. These plants need indirect sunlight. To grow its vibrant colored flowers, sunlight is compulsory.

But if they are exposed to too much sunlight for too long, they can burn and die.

Some of these plants might need direct sunlight, but if they are placed in such a place where they can get partial sunlight, they will grow healthier.

WateringPink Angel Plant Care

These plants need a moderate level of water as too much water can rot its roots, and the plant can die.

The watering level is dependent on the stage of the plant. If it is a new and young plant, it will need more amount of water than the adult one.

You can water the young plants two or three times a week. Adult plants need water once a week.

But if you live in hot areas, you can water the plant according to the level of soil dryness.

Level of temperature

Temperature is another important aspect to be considered while taking care of these plants. They grow happily in temperatures ranging from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Their leaves might turn yellow if the temperature has dropped below 10 degrees or risen above the given range. So, you have to keep these plants at moderate room temperature.


Exotic Angel plants might not need fertilizers. Many species grow healthily without fertilizers. Some of these plants might have a lesser amount of potassium, nitrogen, or phosphorous.

To add these nutrients, add water-soluble fertilizers to the plants once a month. It will help them grow better. Just be sure that you are adding the right fertilizers, as these plants are quite picky about fertilizers.


Exotic Angel plants are small plants that make them highly suitable for indoor décor. These plants can grow mostly to 8 inches tall. But you can choose according to your desire.

These plants are mostly grown in small pots. But you have to notice it if the plant has started to become overcrowded, transfer them to a new wider pot.

Do not transfer plants more often. Give it time to adjust and then transfer it when needed.

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