Poulan pro lawn mower troubleshooting

Poulan pro lawn mower troubleshooting. As far back as 1944, Poulan Pro has been making lawn and garden equipment. The Poulan Pro lawn mower’s powerful and long-lasting four-cycle engine comes at a reasonable price.

You will have to troubleshoot, though, if it doesn’t work correctly.

The good news is that Lawnmower troubleshooting is not a difficult process, if you want to do it by yourself, you can repair it effectively.

Most of the issues that lead to this are easily troubleshot, diagnosed, and fixed by a skilled homeowner.

The best place to begin troubleshooting is through the owner’s handbook, which will contain particular instructions for your brand.

Poulan pro lawn mower troubleshootingpoulan pro lawn mower troubleshooting 2921

Check the fuel level

If your Poulan Pro lawnmower doesn’t start, check the fuel level first because the fuel tank’s level decreases as the engine consumes fuel.

The gasoline cap has a tiny vent to let air into the tank to compensate for this.

Having a blocked fuel cap vent causes a vacuum or vapor lock, which prevents air from entering the tank.

To see if the gasoline cap vent is blocked, loosen the cap slightly before starting the engine. If the engine keeps running after replacing the fuel cap, the gasoline filter is likely blocked and needs to be changed.

Spark plugpoulan pro lawn mower spark plug

The spark plug has to be replaced if the porcelain insulator is broken, an electrode is damaged or burnt away, or if the electrode has a lot of carbon built upon it.

When the engine is running, a bright spark should be visible between the tester’s terminals but if there is no spark then the plug has to be replaced since it is defective. 

Air filtercheck air filter

A blocked air filter is the most typical reason for a mower that won’t start.

Remove the air filter and check to see whether it is dirty or filled with oil and dust by removing the compartment cover.

It is necessary to wash a foam rubber filter in hot soapy water, let it dry naturally, soak it in a teaspoon of engine oil, and restore it.

If it can’t be washed, it’s time to get a new one.

Attachment clutch

Push the brake pedal all the way down until it stops working, and then start the Poulan Pro lawnmower. Check the attachment clutch if the engine makes a noise like it wants to start but doesn’t.

Restart the mower by disconnecting the attachment clutch and make sure that the battery and spark plug wiring are both in good working order.

Repair or replace any broken wiring by pushing it firmly and tightly onto the terminals.


If you hear a cracking sound when you try to start the engine, it means the battery has to be replaced. The battery terminals must be connected to the cables. If they’re loose, give it a push.

You can use a wire brush to clean the terminals if they seem dirty.

Throttlepoulan pro lawn mower throttle

If your lawnmower loses power when mowing thick grass, increase the cutting level and slow it down, and also check to see that the throttle is not clogged.

Clean the dirt and leaves out of the mower housing from under the Poulan Pro lawn mower.

Bladelawn mover blade

If your Poulan Pro lawn mower starts to vibrate, remove the mower housing and inspect the blade.

Replace a damaged blade with a new one.

Use a metal file to restore the sharpness of a rusted blade. Use a torque wrench to achieve a 30 to 35-foot-pound pressure on the blade bolt.

At least once every season, change or sharpen the cutting blade.

Tires and driver belt

With a tire gauge, check the PSI of the tires and fill them as needed. The recommended PSI can be found on the rim of the tires. If the Poulan Pro isn’t effectively discharging grass, look for damage and wear on the mower drive belt.

If required, swap out the belt with a new one when grass won’t cut properly because it’s wet must be dried before cutting it again at a slower speed.

Remove dirt and debris stuck to the underside of the lawnmower by cleaning it thoroughly from the underside.


If the engine starts to backfire after you switch it off, reduce the engine speed, and after 30 seconds, try turning off the engine once more.


In this informational article, we guided you step by step cloud be done by doing it yourself. Some issues can be resolved quickly and easily by the user.

Other issues require more complex solutions, which may demand hiring a mechanic unless you have a comprehensive understanding of small engines.

We hope this article will be informative for you and enhance your knowledge respectively. Here is Guide if your Lawn mower starts then dies

Thanks for reading!

Poulan pro lawn mower troubleshooting

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