Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Sitting

Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Sitting. When you mow your grass regularly, you keep the blades at the optimal height for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.

It also guarantees that the grass in your garden grows evenly and that all stems receive the proper quantity of nutrients.

Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers are considered the best to mow your lawns because they last longer than many of the others falling in this price range.

Usually, people keep their lawnmowers in their stores all winter long and take them out in the summers. Due to this extended sitting, they can be a bit difficult to run again.

There are several reasons behind Briggs and Stratton lawnmowers won’t start after sitting. Detection of the cause behind any issue can sometimes be challenging, but it is essential to find the best troubleshooting.

Here in our guide e will be shortlisting some of the best possible ways to fix the issue.

Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Sittingbriggs and stratton lawn mower won't start after sitting 2021

Before you move ahead to call for professional help, you should diagnose the issue by yourself first and try to resolve it independently.

Implement the following solutions by yourself, and if the problem is still there, you can now contact the service center.

Change the oil if needed

Checking the oil on a lawnmower that has been sitting for a long is a brilliant idea. An hour after you finish mowing is the best time to change the oil in your lawnmower.

However, if it has been sitting all winter, check the oil before attempting to start it. First, ensure that the oil is of good quality, that there is no residue, and enough of it.

If the oil is dark or black, it is time to change it so that your lawnmower runs smoothly and lasts a long time.

My lawnmower’s oil can be changed twice a year, once at the season’s start and immediately before storing for the winter. Simply change the oil in the mower if you haven’t done so recently.

Although this is not the primary cause of your lawn mower not starting, it is most likely a contributing issue. Lawnmowers have modest engines that do not require much oil.

As a result, it is a relatively inexpensive setting to create at home. With a lawnmower, it takes no more than 10 minutes.

Check if there is gas in the device

Check to see if there is gasoline in the tank. If it isn’t, you’ll need to move it. Petrol is not a very stable substance. If the fuel in your lawnmower is more than 30 days old, it should be emptied.

By tilting the mower, you can open the tank. When you’re through, refuel the mower. The only exception to this technique is applying a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank before storing it.

Clogged Briggs And Stratton Mower air filterbriggs and stratton mower air filter

After inspecting the gasoline tank and changing the oil, check the air filter on the mower.

These might become clogged. Oxygen is a critical component in engine combustion.

The mower will not function correctly if the air filter is dirty. It is preferable to replace a blocked filter rather than clean it.

Even a minor breach in the filter can allow dust or dirt into the engine, causing it to fail.

When the mower starts but then stops while mowing the grass, this indicates a blocked air filter.

You may also watch it online. If it’s dirty, you can tell because it appears dirty.

Replace the Spark Plugreplace the spark plug

Even if it may seem like your spark plug is working fine because your lawnmower is starting up every time you try to use it, it still should be replaced at least once per season.

After some time, the spark plug will begin to slowly break down under the pressure of running the equipment.

Having a fresh spark plug ensures that you’re getting complete power for each run during dryer days.

Briggs And Stratton Mower Battery briggs and stratton mower battery 

Batteries are the power source for lawnmowers when you’re cutting grass.

If not cared for properly, they can wear down quickly in the elements, so it’s important to be aware of how to properly store them in your garage.

Clogged blade

The engine flywheel brake (the rod you press down on the lever that stops the engine when you release it) is usually the cause of this. Before pulling the bar, bring it up to the handle.

This problem can also happen if your mower’s blade grinds against the grass or becomes blocked with clippings. Remove the mower from the lawn and place it on a hard surface.

Remove any surplus from the underside of the mower while the machine is turned off and the spark plug cable is detached, then place the mower in a safe mowing position and pull again.

Keeping your grass trimmed regularly will keep the blade at the optimal height for photosynthesis and fertilizer uptake. It also guarantees that the grass in your garden grows evenly and that all stems receive the proper quantity of nutrients.


You can now solve this problem ‘Brigg and Stratton riding lawn mower won’t start after sitting’ after knowing the possible solutions.

These mechanical devices require care and maintenance, due to which their performance and shelf life can be doubled. Brigg and Stratton mowers are also a few of those devices considered long-lasting ones with minor maintenance.

These are now the most demanded mowers among those wanting the best lawn mowers to maintain their gardens and lawns. Here are Best weed eaters consumer reports.

Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Sitting

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