Kenmore refrigerator size by model number

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number. Kenmore is a company that was developed in 1913 for the actual purpose of manufacturing sewing machines. Its history exceeds over a hundred years. It is a native American company. The net worth of this company is about $150 million. It is actually owned by Seans.

Most products of this company are made by LG and Frigidaire. They are also popular on their own, even after a hundred years. Kenmore is considered a top-notch company. Its quality is high and is famous all across America.

It can be found almost in all households in America. The appliances by this company are efficient and are very time-saving.

A good refrigerator may last up to a minimum time of 10 years. The refrigerator is a device that consists of an open system that banishes heat from a closed area to a warmer space. It usually includes rooms like a kitchen, or it can also be any other room.

Its basic purpose is to keep things inside it cold. It is usually referred to as a fridge rather than a refrigerator. It is a common and very useful device for keeping your things cold and preserved.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model numberkenmore refrigerator size by model number 2022

On a Kenmore fridge, you just need to look at the third or the fourth figure in the model number.

Prefix like 207 is commonly referred to as the size of the refrigerator.

It is a convenient way to check the size of your fridge with the help of the model number.

The 3rd or 4th digit of the model number after the 3-digit prefix on some Kenmore refrigerators can indicate the size.

For example, a digit “5” could indicate a 15 cubic feet capacity refrigerator.

Other ways to find the size of a Refrigerator

There are multiple ways to calculate the size of a refrigerator.

By the box

All the appliances you buy newly from a store are stored in inboxes. These boxes are the covers of the appliance. This is also the same in the refrigerator. The box in which they are packed consists of details about the product.

Like the company name, there is also the detail given about size. You can just tell about looking at it. If not, you can look at the model number and check for the digits available within the model number.

With help of the product manualwith help of the product manual.026

This is a rather convenient way, as well as all the brands give a manual about the working of their appliance. In this case, the refrigerator.

The manual contains detail about the working as well as the functions the device is able to perform.

The functions are quite simple and listed leisurely.

In between the functions and the specifications, you can see the size of your device as well. If not, you cannot then use the technique of model number and find it.

Checking on the refrigerator

You must be wondering why I didn’t list it above. Well, the answer is simple. Sometimes due to constant use, the size or model number might be erased. But if I am not erased, you are in luck.

You don’t have to check the box or the manual if you have the number on the device. Sometimes both the box and the annual can be lost, but you can check the number on the device itself.

It is quite handy when it comes to second-hand appliances. As you might not get the manual with them, and the box is already out of the question.


The origin and worth of the company known as Kenmore is now known to us. The main topic of finding the size of the fridge using the model number is covered, and other ways to do that have also been brought to light.

The question that we have in our minds about the size of the fridge has mostly been answered indirectly but in simple terms.

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