Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling

Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling. Kenmore is a well-known and famous American brand that claims to manufacture top-class and high-quality products related to household appliances. Electronics may cause an issue but these problems can be easily solved without any complexity.

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Have trouble with the Kenmore refrigerator?

In this article, we are going to look at the solution so you can get out of these concerning issues.

This guide contains answers to all your questions, concerns, and thoughts since we are going to have a deep and detailed glance at the problem.

Things related to Kenmore elite refrigerator might look a bit complex to you at first glance but determination is the key to success and we believe that with a little guidance you can surely get out of this situation.

Kenmore elite refrigerator not coolingwhy my kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling

There can be multiple reasons that you are facing the issue and we are going to uncover them all for Kenmore elite refrigerator, not cooling troubleshooting.

Here is the list of the problems you might be facing with details on why this happens and how to solve it.

Let’s begin.

Kenmore elite Frosted evaporator fankenmore elite frosted evaporator fan

The first reason for this issue is the frosted evaporator fan.

It is responsible for the proper freezing of things in the refrigerator but if it gets freezing due to excessive temperature setting, then the evaporator fan itself will freeze causing the refrigerator not to cool anymore.

You can refer to the instruction manual of the refrigerator or can contact the Kenmore repairing service to fix it for you.

Kenmore elite Faulty damper controlkenmore elite faulty damper control

If the fan and motor are completely fine, then you might be having a fault in the damper control as it is responsible for the cool air flow in the refrigerator.

The faulty damper control is very easy to replace as you just open the screws and remove the wires. Now, install the new damper control and carefully attach the wire in the right place.

Close the panel of damper control with screws and you are all done but do not forget to remove the plug from the socket before installing a new damper control in your Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore elite Failed compressorkenmore elite failed compressor

The last reason in our list that you must have trouble with the refrigerator is a failed compressor. Usually, the main reason that most refrigerators stop working.

If the compressor is failed, it will not release cool air and needs to be replaced. Replacing the compressor might cause you a lot of money but if you still have a warranty.

Then you can claim a free replacement by contacting the customer service of the Kenmore company.

The compressor of the Kenmore elite refrigerator comes with a warranty of 5 years.


we hope you must be able to understand everything we explained and learned all the things that will help you in solving the case.

All you have to do is stay focused and attentive while understanding and following the guide so there is no room left for any mistake. We wish you good luck!

Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling (Fixed)

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