Kenmore series 500 washer troubleshooting

Kenmore series 500 washer troubleshooting. A washing machine is the most critical yet most lightly taken consumer good that is a must part of every household, and it is no surprise that we all are not concerned about the importance of these washing machines in our daily life not until these machines stop working and cause a problem in cleaning laundry.

Laundry piles will be the biggest discomfort for a family, and they will be quick to the ways to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Kenmore washer series is a reputed washing machine series that has saved the working class from the needs of laundromats and will help you clean your laundry in a very efficient way.

If for any reason, your 500 series washer has stopped working, then you are in desperate need of going through our troubleshooting guide and getting it repaired soon.

If you are looking for easy ways of Kenmore series 500 washer troubleshooting, then you must give our guide a review.

Kenmore Series 500 Washer TroubleshootingKenmore Series 500 Washer Troubleshooting

At first, you need to identify the problem with your washer as it might be either not starting or not filling, and you must be aware of the problematic cause before taking corrective measures.

If your washing machine is not starting, then you have to go through the following three steps to make it workable again.

  • You should start checking the faults in your washing machine by checking the electrical port connecting your washer with the power utility lines and you have to make sure that the power switch of the machine is properly inserted into the connection port.
  • If there is not any problem with the power connection, then you should move forward to checking the fuse box. Blown-out fuse box might be a common reason for your stopped washer, and to mend it, you have to replace the old worn-out fuse with a new one.
  • If you are using the extensions to make a connection to the utility power line, then you must get rid of it as it is most occasionally related to faulty connections, and you should directly connect your washer to the power port.

Second Method

After trying all these methods, if your washing machine is still not working, then it is time to move forward with another step which is the washer not filling up and to take the corrective step to have to go through the following steps.

  • Kenmore series washer has water valves behind the machine, and if they are turned off, the machine will not fill up with water. You have to make sure that they are turned on to fill your machine with water.
  • Restart the device to remove any settings that are causing the delay in starting the machine
  • Kenmore series washer is designed in a way that if the door is not closed, it will not start working, and you have to make sure that the doors are properly closed, and no garment is blocking their way. If there is any blockage, remove it, properly close it and then reset the machine to begin the washing action again.

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