How to wash a windbreaker

How to wash a windbreaker. Windbreaker jackets, also known as waterproof jackets, are trendy nowadays because they are very light, warm, and comfortable to wear.

But like other clothes these jackets also get dirty due to dust and water when you wear them outside the home in the rain or on sunny days.

So, if you want to increase the performance and life of your windbreaker jacket, then keep washing your waterproof jacket regularly.

However, the pinpoint is whether you can wash your waterproof jackets like other clothes in the washing machine using any detergents containing bleach or if there is a specific method to wash a windbreaker.

You can not wash your wind washer in the washing machine with detergents because these jackets are coated in special chemicals to resist water. Hence, if you wash them with these detergents, these chemicals react with the chemicals found in detergents.

Please read this guide to know how to wash waterproof jackets without damage to them.

How to wash a windbreaker

Windbreakers are good to have in your bag if you are a traveler and love camping in the forests.

You can not wash windbreakers with regular detergent because whitener, enzymes, and stain removers are found in them, which is dangerous for waterproof jackets.

After all, these components can damage the coat, so always use non-chlorinated detergents to wash these jackets if you want to use them for a long time.

Without any waste of them, let’s read how to wash a windbreaker.

Remove the things from your pockets

remove the things from your pockets

It is just a formality, but still, I will explain to those who often forget to remove hidden things from pockets like cash, credit cards, and important notes.

Open the pockets zip, revoke the cuffs and release the drawstrings.

Check the damage

If you are outside your home camping and your windbreaker is dirty, wash it first because if you will delay it and leave it on next weekend, then the dust and debris will become permanent on the jacket.

It will become difficult for you to remove the permanent stains.

First, wet the jacket with fresh water and take a soft brush and try to remove the dust and debris from the jacket. It will help if you put some force into removing the stubborn stains.

Zip your windbreaker

zip your windbreaker

After removing the visible stubborn stains, zip the jacket because it is very important to do.

You can not wash the jacket with open zip because if you wash the windbreaker with open zip, then it will damage the jacket’s inner material.

Put the jacket in the washer

put the jacket in the washer

Fill the washing machine with fresh warm/cold water and put the jacket in the washing machine to wash.

The main difference between washing normal jackets and waterproof jackets is the type of detergent you use to wash the jacket.

If you are washing a normal jacket in the washing machine, then you can use any cleaning detergent powder to wash the jacket.

Still, if you have a special windbreaker or waterproof jacket, then you can not wash it with an ordinary detergent that contains bleach because it will damage the jacket.

Windbreaker jackets are made up of special chemicals to stop the water, so if you use the normal cleaning powder to wash them, then the chemicals like bleach will react with the jacket material and damage it.

So, it is suggested to you prevent using a normal detergent for washing the windbreaker and always use non-chlorinated detergent powder to wash these jackets.

Size of load

Before you start, press the power button to start the spin cycle; make sure the load size is small in the tub. You can not wash the other dresses in the washing machine along with the windbreaker.

Run the machine

run the machine

Plug in the machine and start the washing machine on the cycle setting to wash the jacket.

When the first cycle completes then, do not pull out the jacket, but it’s better to restart the washing machine for another cycle.

The second cycle is very important because all the stubborn stains and debris is cleaned thoroughly, and all the soap is also removed from the jacket.

After the second spin cycle, pull the jacket from the washing machine and check it from the front and back sides.

If there are no stains on the wind, remove it now, and it is completely shining, then dry it with a dryer or hang it on the lawn.


The article concludes that windbreaker jackets are best to have for camping in the rainy season to protect yourself, but it is also essential to wash them properly.

You can not use regular detergent powder to wash the jackets because it contains bleach and particles that damage these jackets; you can only use non-chlorinated detergents in which there is no bleach to wash the windbreaker jackets.

I am hopeful this guide is helpful for you to wash the waterproof jacket without any damage.

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