How to whiten white clothes that have greyed

How to whiten white clothes that have greyed. A white shirt or white pants. Whether it is for gym, office, or even home, White is one of the most common colors that is worn by people of all ages, be it children or senior citizens.

But white is the color with the most problems as it can get stained, and the stains remain visible on it because of its color.

Sometimes because for different reasons, the color of the white colors becomes grey. They lose their original color.

Still, there is nothing to be worried about. The colors can be returned to their original with stuff like vinegar. Baking soda is also beneficial if we use it properly.

There are special washing powders and detergents for white clothes too. To see more methods, keep reading!

How to whiten white clothes that have greyed

whiten white clothes that have greyed

The clothes that have become dull and grey are not liked by anyone. But we can return them back to their whiteness like they are completely new.

For this, we can pour a cup of vinegar into the washer and let clothes be washed as usual.

We can actually return the glory of the clothes by using aspirin. We just need to break them into powder form.

We can also use baking soda for cleaning and as well as use detergents to clean them and bring them back to their original shape.

Using Aspirin

Aspirin is actually used in tablet form. It helps us to relieve body pain and headache. It can be helpful in this as well.

  • Get about five tablets of aspirin.
  • Put them in a tub.
  • Pour water according to the level.
  • Add clothes that are dull and grey.
  • Let them stay soaked for some time.
  • Take them out and put them in the washing machine.
  • Wash them and take them out.
  • Let them dry, and you are ready.

Using vinegar

using vinegar

Though it is used in food materials, you can also use it in cleaning clothes. It doesn’t have many steps.

But adding it to the clothes softens the fabric and brings back the glow of the clothes.

  • Put clothes and water in the washer.
  • Add the washing powder.
  • Let it go on for a few cycles.
  • Then add some vinegar while the machine is on.
  • Let the machine perform its task.

Adding blue

This method might look a bit add to you as you are wondering won’t this will make the clothes blue rather than white.

But this method is tested, and this method works like a charm, as the blue color counters the yellow and the dull grey color. This happens as the original color is enhanced, and the color looks fresh.

You can get this agent at a grocery store. The instructions are always available on the bottle or the box.

Refrain yourself from applying it directly to the material, as the direct application might change the color to blue. It will be as if they were dyed.

Sun aid

Sun is our natural heat provider as well as light. We use artificial dryers these days to dry clothes.

They have a negative impact on our clothes. They take the brightness of our cloth away. But if we use the sun instead of artificial dryers, the result is amazing.

The sun, being a natural provider, dries the clothes and keeps them fresh. You do not even need to bleach these clothes, and all the smells also move away from them.

The rays of the sun are proven to whiten the clothes. This method is also free as you do not need to buy anything.



You actually might need any kind of washing powder to make the clothes white. You can just skip it and just pour a small amount of ammonia into the washing machine instead of it.

This will help in something the fabric and enhance the original color of the cloth.

It will also remove any kind of residue that is present on the clothes. You can use it easily as you just need to add a small amount of it during the working of the machine.

Detergents and washing powder

Suppose you are not satisfied with the methods above. There are special detergents and washing powders that are only created for white clothes.

Other detergents and washing powders are also effective. You can use them as the instructions on the bottle or the pack to provide proper guidelines.

There is no rocket science in using them, as you just need to pour them into the machine and let the machine do the rest of the work for you.


How to whiten white clothes that have greyed. The result is what matters in the end. You just want your clothes to be white as their original color should be.

You do not want to wear dull clothes as they look really old. Just follow the methods listed above to get your result.

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